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03-27-2006 | Posts: 9
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I am running a HD signal (Comcast) and am splitting it four ways with an RCA 4way Splitter (1GHZ) to 3 TVs and 1 Cable Modem. Our main plasma has a completely scrambled picture on the premium HD channels, and has sound only. The two others have mild scrambling every so often on the premium HD channels.

Do you think switching to the Monster 2GHZ 4way splitter will make a difference?

I've also heard that initially splitting with a 2 way (seperating Cable Modem and TV connections) may help also?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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03-27-2006 | Posts: 795
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The other day, I was having cable reception problems (one tuner on my DCT-6412 was displaying a lot of "one moment please, this channel will be available shortly).

The cable guy came out and did two things. He re-terminated my cables, saying the old connectors were getting corroded. And he replaced my fancy gold-plated Monster Cable 2 GHz splitters with the Comcast standard 1 GHz splitters. He claimed the 2 GHz splitters would negatively affect the return path (but he didn't explain why).

That's my long-winded way of saying that the 2 GHz splitters probably won't help you.

Have your cable guy come out and test the signal.
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03-27-2006 | Posts: 9
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Looks like I posted in the wrong forum.

Thanks for the feedback though!
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03-27-2006 | Posts: 117
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make sure all ure splitters are grounded to eachother and connected to a ground oustisde...
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03-28-2006 | Posts: 11
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1ghz is more than enough for cable. you probably just need to run an amp, or set up a tap system
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03-28-2006 | Posts: 14,661
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Why have you double posted this question? You have responses in the the other thread and questions that need to answered to hopefully help you. This question does not belong in this forum.
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