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Coyote Waits
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Originally Posted by gadgtfreek View Post
Would have done it sooner but lost track of this thread. I have a new OLED that he will be doing a lot to in late March some time, so I will post that data.
I'm sure that a lot of us are looking forward to that report.
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htwaits: My points were: 1) I was looking for a local calibrator (which would be less expensive than a touring calibrator). 2) Surprised that the big Texas cities don't have at least one per.
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Coyote Waits
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Originally Posted by Hank View Post
htwaits: My points were: 1) I was looking for a local calibrator (which would be less expensive than a touring calibrator). 2) Surprised that the big Texas cities don't have at least one per.
There may be fewer customers for professional calibrations than you assume.

I don't know for sure, but my impression is that there are two professionals currently working in the San Francisco Bay area which contains a lot more potential customers than a city like Austin. The travel component of cost is quit high if you are hiring someone for an exclusive calibration trip. If you can get in on a tour, the travel expense can be as little as $50. As they say, "It depends."
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I just wanted to do a shout out for Chad B.
Chad was at my home on Saturday to calibrate my 13 year old Toshiba 65HDX82 RPTV.
Yes, you read that correct. My 13 year old RPTV.
This set was the top of the line Cinema Series 1080i RPTV from Toshiba back in 2002 when I bought her.
I calibrated it from time to time with a SpyderTV kit and have done 56 point convergence on it as well, but I never had it professionally calibrated!
I always wanted to have a pro work on it, but every time I would gear up for it something else in life got in the way.
Recently the TV started to look really dull and blurry and I kept thinking that it really needed a good cleaning and calibration to bring it back to life.
I thought about buying something new, but there is nothing out there right now that has WOWed me (I do have my eye on OLED ).
So I contacted Chad to come out and do a full cleaning and calibration.
Chad is very professional and a genuinely nice guy. He worked on the set for 8 hours straight (ok he took a couple quick bathroom breaks, ).
When he was done, we tested each of my sources (Blu Ray, HD-DVD, Xbox 360).
All I can say is OH MY GOD!
The picture quality is top notch! It's brighter, crisper, and more detailed. It's like having a new TV! (that's what the wife said anyway)
In the end, Chad and I were both pleased with the outcome. He provided me with a full report with before and after stats (what a stark difference the stats show!).
I never knew this TV could look this good, I should have done it sooner.
Thanks Chad! I will be doing more business with you in the future.
Highly recommended.

~ John Drake
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Originally Posted by jbltecnicspro View Post
A couple of weekends ago, I did a phone consult with Mr. Bob from Image Perfection. Due to this being funded by my "hobby fund" I only had enough for an hour's worth of coaching. With Mr. Bob, my wife and I disassembled the television and cleaned the lenses and the mirror. The image quality looks fantastic now. Blacks are truly black again, and the television no longer has that "bleary" look to it. Mr. Bob was really patient and professional, and I really wish that I could have done more with him (we only had enough time for the surface lenses), but even with just an hour, the television looked very good.

After our phone call, I proceeded to focus the lenses, and focus the guns (using the focus knob) and the television now has a truly excellent picture. I still have to perfect the grayscale calibration, but already it looks fantastic. In fact, guests who saw the television before the cleaning were amazed by how different it looks now. It's like being in the theaters.

If anyone has a rear-projection CRT TV that they're on the fence on, as to whether or not they want to keep it, I would strongly recommend keeping it and giving Mr. Bob at Image Perfection a call.

Our television was received for free because the previous owners didn't want it. Being a CRT nut and knowing about Mr. Bob's thread, I decided to borrow a truck and take the plunge. Man - I'm so glad I did. Thanks again, Mr. Bob!
You are truly welcome. Enjoyed every minute of it! Isn't it amazing what can be accomplished simply over the phone? Saves those pesky travel costs, huh -

Robert Jones
Image Perfection
650-333-4808 cell
bob at imageperfection dot com
YouTube channel: mrbobbigscreen

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I would like to take a minute to thank Chad B for the work he did on my Panasonic 60VT60 plasma display on Monday.

I've had the TV for less than a month, and was happy with the picture. I was using the THX cinema setting and had tweaked it slightly by using the Spears and Munsil calibration blu-ray. I watch in a completely light controlled room with the only lighting being a backlight behind the TV.

I had always been somewhat interested in a professional calibration with the last couple TV's I owned - a Panasonic 54V10 plasma, and before that, a Sony 53HS10 rear projection. Even though I thought my new VT60 looked good, I finally decided to spring for a professional calibration.

The whole process only took about 3 hours as I have no interest in 3D. Chad is a very easy going guy that talked me through the different steps he was doing, and he was willing to answer any questions I had during the process.

He provided a before and after report that I found really quite interesting. There were a few reference images that we looked at before and after calibration, and there were some noticeable differences.

I was happy with the result after I watched the first movie on my calibrated display, but I honestly wasn't sure if the money spent was worth the difference. But don't worry, read on...

Now that I have lived with the new picture for a while (watched 4 movies and a hockey game since calibration) I am thrilled with the calibrated image and feel it was worth every penny. Just for kicks, last night I switched back to my old THX Cinema settings during a movie and I could not believe how dull and lifeless the picture was. And those are the exact same settings that I was quite happy with before Chad arrived.

I highly recommend Chad B's services, and I will most definitely be calling on him whenever I look to get a new display in the future.
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I turn the sharpness on my TV all the way up, because that's how I like my picture... real sharp.
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I had the pleasure of working with Doug Weil from Clearly Resolved on his most recent road trip, and would like to take a moment to highly recommend Doug to anyone who wants a calibration, or even just wants to talk about the process. Doug started his ten-day trip down in Texas last month and then swung back up through Oklahoma, up to Omaha,Nebraska, then back through Kansas City and Central Missouri. I am in a rural area in just about the middle of Missouri.

Doug and I scheduled the appointment in February over the phone, at which time he explained a little about the process and the charges I could expect, and basically confirmed that I had enough information to make an educated decision before committing. I mention this because the TV I had calibrated is an older model Samsung plasma, PN58A550, with a lot of hours of use, so Doug made sure I knew the limitations involved,in light of the fact that many folks would not go through the trouble and spend the money. But I am waiting for OLED to come down in price, and will likely move to OLED within the next three years; in the meantime I want to watch a reference standard picture, which I only recently learned about, so I committed to the calibration. We have had the TV for about eight years. It was a gift to my family from my father,who has been living with us for years, so I have sentimental loyalty to it. My wife and I have five kids, and have spent thousands of hours as a family, with my dad too, watching that old plasma.

As to why I waited so long to calibrate, you can chalk that up to my ignorance. The background is that in late 2015 my power board went out and I sent the board to Coppel TV in Texas for repair. While I was waiting for the repaired board I bought a cheap LED from Best Buy as a temporary substitute. Immediately I saw the plasma was a lot better PQ; but until then I had simply taken the plasma for granted, assuming there was not much difference in quality between the available technologies. The difference was an eye opener, so I started doing some research, and found out about calibration. I enjoy what Audyssey does to get my sound to a reference standard, and I wanted the same for my display. With Doug’s expertise I got it.

Doug arrived at the appointed time to the minute. Hallmark of a professional. In emails before the appointment Doug laid out the steps for me to take to make sure the room environment was the best it could be for the calibration, so I locked the dogs in the garage, cleared a space for Doug to work, turned off the lights and put curtains over the windows,replicating the usual summer evening viewing environment. As Doug was placing the meter in front of the TV, and booting his software he explained the calibration process, with particular emphasis on grayscale, Luminance, Gamma, Brightness, and color tracking. This was very helpful for me.

During the calibration I was able to view the results of the adjustments, and further adjustments, in real time as they came up on Doug’s computer screen, with graphs and numbers. I was also able to see the test patterns on the TV and Doug explained how each factored in during the process. For example, the pattern for sharpness revealed for me exactly the artificial pixel borders created by adjusting the sharpness above zero. Up til then I was “setting” sharpness by eye using the Sony 7669 “easter egg” pattern. I was way off, and had introduced unwanted artifacts,which Doug’s pattern showed me clear as day. Doug fixed that issue. My TV’s grayscale and color tracking were shifting the picture toward red, which Doug was able to correct to the proper scale, resulting in crisp accurate flesh-tones.

Bottom line: Doug’s calibrations resulted in an outstanding clear and crisp picture with natural colors and deep blacks. I am looking forward to working with Doug again in a few years when I get an OLED. Until then, I am really enjoying re-watching my Blu Ray collection!
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Can not wait until June, my Samsung 65JS8500 will get calibrated by Gregg Loewen. I will post my report when it is all set. This is my second calibration that Gregg has performed, the first was my previous Panasonic 50VT25 a fews years back.
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Coyote Waits
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Finding Calibration Reports

I follow the Vizio P-Series owner's thread, but don't see any other reports here at AVS. PM me or post here if you know about any owner's reports that I'm missing.

There's not much going on in plasma threads where I used to hang out looking for owner's reports.

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Thank you, Barry

I would like to thank Barry ( Barry928 ) from Orlando for an unbelievable job he did on my JVC DLA-X550R.
Before I read that projector is very good out of the box, no need much tweaking.
But based on my previous experience I took all this with a grain of salt and requested help of professional calibrator.
Boy, did he made a difference or what!!
Image changed from "good" to "unbelievable".
All colors are spot on, just like remember seeing at the movie theater, and amount of detail is increased dramatically.
Barry was very professional, came on time, did not rush the job, explained everything. And his fee was very reasonable.
I cannot recommend him high enough! I always thought that the best possible investment in HT is professional calibration - and Barry's work just confirmed that.

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