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It looks like things that should be Grey are Brown .
Any body knows how to fix this iTS making me crazy.
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First off, I should mention that my display is a PN58C8000 so any answers to the following questions about running the ADC/WB calibration option for the various inputs (HDMI, AV, Comp, PC) need to be applicable to it--

1) Should the RGB color range for the 8x8 black/white checkerboard pattern be 0-255 or 16-235? I've read through this entire thread and see that one or the other has been used, but no clear explanation as to why either one was chosen over the other.

2) Notwithstanding whatever the right answer to #1 above may be, I've used both 0-255 and 16-235 successfully on both the AV and HDMI calibration options but I keep getting "Failure" on the Comp (component) calibration; what am I missing/doing wrong in trying to get the Component input to calibrate successfully? FYI--not only have I tried both RGB ranges, I've also tried them with both black and white in the upper-left corner (i.e., 4 different pattern combos in all)...still no dice.

3) This may be moot given the results in #2 above, but I've read posts where some folks detailed their instructions by stating that the source needed to be connected to HDMI1 (HDMI/DVI) and others who stated that the source needed to be connected or HDMI2 (ARC), which input should the HDMI source be connected to...or does it technically even matter?

Observations during/after performing the ADC/WB calibration:

a) I do not see/get the bouncing small square during the calibration process that others have reported in previous posts; I do not know if the bouncing square is displayed only on LCD/LED and/or older plasma models, but I did notice during the process that the screen intensity brightens in small and infrequent steps before I am eventually presented with "Success"; subsequent attempts to (re)calibrate HDMI (and AV) after an initial successful calibration take but a few seconds before those attempts return "Success" as well.

b) After I had obtained a successful calibration, upon performing a factory reset and/or power-cycling my display via the remote I discovered that the calibration didn't take hold as the images were still dark (I did an A/B comparison using a movie scene I put on screen right after the calibration but before exiting the Service Menu). I redid the calibration except this time I did a Mute-Mute-Power Off afterwards since supposedly that keypress combo saves (any?) changes made in the Service Menu; dunno if that really did the trick but whatever--this time the image wasn't dark.

I don't really use the Component (and PC) inputs a whole lot but the OCD in me still wants to get at least the Comp calibration to pass successfully since every once in a blue moon my kids want to play their Xbox360 on my display and as such, I connect the 360 using its component cable--thus it would be nice if I can get the Component input calibrated successfully/correctly.

Thanks in advance!

P.S.--LOL this was my 777th post...if only that meant I hit some sort of jackpot!


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Thank you to whoever recommended the checkerboard pattern! I made the same mistake as the OP and wound up with the pink screen, too.

I pulled up the video linked below on my Xbox One and kept backing it up so it stayed up for the duration of the calibration run. Voila! Problem fixed!

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1st_Y_GL is grayed (Disabled)

Hellow everyone, I'm happy to have found this page because i just mess up my parent's tv.

I did the AV Calibration and all that stuff. The TV is a Samsung UN40EH5300; I have tried with the Four square black and white pattern but it continues showing "Failure".
I have read all the post, and I think the problems is that the "1st_Y_GL" in ADC Results iS NOT enable, so it is impossible to change that value.

is there any solution?

I hope you can help me, i really appreciate it.

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Could you help me please?

Originally Posted by sxman View Post
I also made the mistake to run the "av calibration" test to get better PQ on my TV. after calibrating with chessboard pattern i was able to get 'success' (with too many effort) but the picture is still dark. also second option in ADC Result (1st_Y_GL) is disabled and cannot be changed. Is there any relation between other menus and options with this that might be changed?

Please help.
Hello SXMAN, i have the same problem right now, ADC Result (1st_Y_GL) is disabled and cannot be changed, and i think it is the core problem, and the reason why my AV calibration Fails.

Do you find the solution?
Could you help me please?

Thanks a lot.
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Originally Posted by specd_out View Post
I just did this exact same stupid move on my 1 day old 64f8500. after researching around, I found that in the service menu under the SVC tab there are test screens.

These might not be call the same tabs in all samsung tvs but I am pretty sure I have seen test patterns in many samsungs.

mute-1-8-2- pwr
SVC tab
Look for test patterns
scroll through the patterns until you see the checkerboard pattern
select that pattern **
go back to the ADC/WB
hdmi calibration
start the calibration.

Took about 3 seconds and it brought my tv right back to how it was before.

Hope it helps
Thanks - this suggestion helped a lot. Please note my additional additions

ALL HDMI Inputs populated, with, on my set, HDMI 3 (ARC) connected to my AVR.
All Colour Custom Values, 2/10 Point were all set to Zeroes, or Factory Reset Values
Then I did the ADC HDMI Calibration with the Checkerboard Pattern after writing down the current ADC Result Values FIRST! (Sometimes values get Zeroed with the failure, or changed to 255 or some other value. So better safe than sorry!)
Mine `Passed' and that cleared the `Failure' Beautiful results! Will let run today then calibrate tonight.

** PN64F8500: SVC > Test Patterns > HDMI Pattern Select > 6

UN65HU9000 - No Patterns coming up under Patterns. Can change values but nothing showing to get to CheckerBoard. Inputting external checkerboard pattern gets upconverted to the 4K version and results in Failure.

Due to there being no Patterns, ended up with Purple Screen:
Fix: ADC/Results. Before HDMI Calibration: 131/131/131:69/69/69 after and getting Purple Screen: 131/131/131:255/69/255. Just put the 255s back to the Center Value - Voila - Purple Screen gone.

Addendum on the PN64F8500 - had to balance between the SM WBs and the ADC Results. Below 40% is falling off and had to be boosted the max I could go. It appears something going on in the set. 40% and up OK - will just leave the set alone. When it quits, then I'll worry. I'm hearing other 8500 owners also starting to have issues. (Heat kills!)
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HDMI Calibration Fails Samsung LN-T4661F


I replaced blown capacitors on the main board for startup problem. Now the set turns on and now the HDMI Calibration fails. It looks like it tries to Calibrate, the picture becomes nice and clear for a split second then goes back to a Blue overall tint on a very washed out picture. I don't see anything in the service menu for displaying a checkerboard test target like some posts have talked about. When I select Calibrate it just runs through them and they all pass except HDMI

Any thoughts?

Thanks, Dan
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