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formulanerd's Avatar formulanerd 04:06 PM 01-25-2011
yea, avoid moxxi, unless you NEED the bank storage for weapons, or a couple of achievements (that actually take quite a while to get)

after i play through dead space 2, and maybe alan wake, a buddy of mine wants to run through borderlands dlc as well, so i might be up for some general knoxx in a few days.
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Dreen's Avatar Dreen 10:23 PM 08-27-2011
If anyone is still playing, I just picked up Game of the year addition. I've had it on PS3 since it first came out. Now I want to playit on the xbox. Add me Main Dammie.
darklordjames's Avatar darklordjames 05:25 PM 08-28-2011
Oh hey. Gearbox just gave me and my girl copies of Borderlands 2.
Arcadia88's Avatar Arcadia88 01:14 PM 08-06-2012
I picked up the 360 game of the year version of Borderlands this weekend. I don't know anything about this game. I played it for about an hour before getting frustrated with unloading an entire clip into an enemy before they died. No book with my used copy of the game. Does the RPG elements make it so that the damage you do increses as you level up? If so I'll keep playing but if not this game is going to be traded in real quick.
I love the look of the game but the gunplay was so bad I had to switch and play a round of Gears of War to get some satisfaction.
Pluvious's Avatar Pluvious 01:31 PM 08-06-2012
The game scales to your level, so at the start it's pretty rough without having a good gun. As you level up, you will get better drops and do more damage.

This game does take time to find the best gun for you play style. Not all guns will damage certain enemies well. If the enemy attacks you with a specific type of damage, (ie poison, fire, etc) then your weapon that does that type of damage is not going to be as effective. You will need to carry a few different styles of guns for certain situations. Keep at it and as you level up your characters skill tree, they will get MUCH more powerful. You should do the missions in the order of easy first. If you are attempting a mission where it's HARD or IMPOSSIBLE you of course will not do any damage and it will be like going up against a wall. Come back to it later when it is listed as easy or trivial.

Read the mission details carefully to determine which mission to do and you will be fine. I tend to switch between the map and mission screen to see what I can 'finish' in the 'zone' I'm currently in, instead of backtracking all over the zones. This game is HUGE.

By the way.. after you 'finish' the game.. there will be a 'game+' mode where you can restart again with ALL your stats and guns carried over and let me tell you, THAT'S when this game shines.. the drops get a LOT better and the money too. If you get hooked on the game, you'll find yourself playing through the game with EACH character and most likely play through twice.

I suggest for your first playthru to use the soldier class since he is the easiest to use.

If you get stuck or want some help.. this link is a great resource.
kjr39's Avatar kjr39 06:41 PM 09-29-2012
Anyone playing? Just picked it up and looking for coop...
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