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Originally Posted by Daekwan View Post

Thats the thing with software.. its not returnable. You pay up front and well you get what you get lol. Atleast with hardware you usually have a window where you can return it for full refund.

I dont think MW2 is horrible or even unsatisfactory enough to return. I'll probably keep it forever, I've kept much worse games. But it has definitely changed my view of IW's products.. and as I said earlier I will not be blindly trying their products in the future. I'll need a beta/demo/rental to make that decision.

By pure sales numbers they crushed everything. Im sure MW2 broke every sales record possible. But how do we know as people on the sidelines exactly what bonuses are due to sales. It could have been a cut and dry 1time check for the game, and then a later check for each map pack. Theres a huge grey area here of unknown material.

Actually because they are sewing each other at this point it should be public record no? haha
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But it wasn't the quality of the MW2 that sold us it was the faith in the developer to design a game we knew about what to expect. Taking your honda reference... has anyone bought a vehicle then turned around and bought the same vehicle of a newer year. I had an 04 avalanche I bought an 09. Didn't need the test drive cause I knew what to expect. I was comfortable with what I knew of my previous avalanche that gave me comfort in the new purchase. I don't expect a product from the same company to drop quality from year to year. Now if someone else built my avalanche the second time around I would understand a potential for a decrease in quality. I don't buy newer and updated products for them to take steps back. This forum is the hallmark of preventing that. We discuss the new years wares and what to expect. We were promised a new and better experience with MW 2 that I don't feel they lived up too. Some emblems and titles with thirty more kill streaks just doesn't cut it for me

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Originally Posted by Outlaw269 View Post

Actually because they are sewing each other at this point it should be public record no? haha

Yeah it really is he said/she said right now.

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Vince Zampella ‏@VinceZampella 1h

Some of the guys are working on a little surprise for the EA press conference on Monday!

Can't wait to see what Respawn Entertainment has been working on!

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I actually quite liked MW2 offline or split screen.
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I hope they get what they deserve. As a game dev myself, it pisses me off to hear companies not living by their legal contract with their employees, then strong-arming them into silence / submission. I've seen it in several games, employees work 60-80 hour weeks for a year at the end of a project, then the game ships, it does okay...is the overtime paid? No, it's promised in the form of a "bonus" which is often held back. Either they ramp down and fire 1/2 their workforce at the end of a game (to avoid paying such bonuses), or that AND they just don't give out nearly as much in bonuses as what time and a half would amount to, REGARDLESS of the game's profits. It's only the senior people who get more than what they deserve, compared to the "grunts" who actually do all the hard work and stay until 5am. That's the way corporations work, they funnel profits to the top and pretend like they're being generous when they hand out bonuses, when really, it's just an inadequate payoff to silence people from a class action lawsuit to recover their overtime expenses.

There is no solidarity in the computer biz, because everyone's out for themselves and that's short-sighted. I'm not saying people shouldn't be able to get fired for poor jobs, or deserve bonuses for a game that sells poorly, but bonuses should be ON TOP of overtime pay, not instead, and the only reason they get away with acting this way is because people are afraid for their hard-fought careers if they speak up against it.

That's the modern world where corporations can drive a company into the ground, but the execs still get a golden parachute no matter what, and employees get the pink slip or the shaft, and on top of that get paid less than their equivalents in other industries. I could make +20k more in my profession for a non-game company, for me that's worth it because I do what I love...but it irks me when I read that people think a game that made huge profits shouldn't pay the employee salaries because some ceo forced it out the door before all the bugs were ironed out. Some companies have a "it'll ship when it's done" policy and the game quality is a reflection of CORPORATE policy, NOT programmer ability. We already work 80 hour weeks as hard as we can to make these games for you, don't forget that.
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