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crazyikon86's Avatar crazyikon86
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09-27-2010 | Posts: 3
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dont know if this is in the wrong section bc i dont know what component is having the issue. move accordingly.

i have an xbox 360, espon 8100, and a pioneer vsx1020.

the issue is that when the receiver is sending the signal from the xbox360 to the projector its missing or something.

some times it will turn on.
some times it will think theres no input and say no input then flash green and may or may not turn on.
you can hear the projector trying to change resolutions when it flashes.
sometimes it turns on, goes blank with no input anymore (and if i switch to another input no screen)

one time the lights on top were flashing red due to this. for the iris. never again after restarting.

thanks for the help. hope it makes sense.
chiliDog's Avatar chiliDog
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09-28-2010 | Posts: 776
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Are you connecting via HDMI? Sounds like an HDCP issue.
crazyikon86's Avatar crazyikon86
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09-28-2010 | Posts: 3
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from the xbox its component video. the blue green and i think red. then its out from receiver to projector via hdmi
stickydpaul's Avatar stickydpaul
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10-01-2010 | Posts: 67
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Can you bypass the receiver and send component to the projector? My initial thought is that the receiver is not upconverting from component to hdmi
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