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jake51's Avatar jake51 08:48 AM 08-09-2012
The world is a hard and cruel place for leftys
But what if I turn the controller upside down?
I need to control movement with right hand (directional arrows on PC) and point/shoot with left hand (mouse on PC)

Morkeleb's Avatar Morkeleb 08:59 AM 08-09-2012
I'm a left handed gamer and I've always played with the default settings not sure why but it always felt normal. Some games have settings for leftys and I've seen mods you could check out to make the controller a lefty controller. Playing upside would be difficult to pull off I would think.
GrenZeiram's Avatar GrenZeiram 03:36 PM 08-09-2012
For FPS games, you could get a XIM Edge for XBox/PS3, and play with a lefty mouse and keyboard. You might be able to use it for other games, I just have never tried it.
Vortex3D's Avatar Vortex3D 01:56 AM 08-11-2012
I have seen game controller that lets you swap each of the controls. I have one made for PS2 years ago. The newest one I saw was made for X360 or PS3. Can't remember the company that makes it but it recently came out.

Maybe you should try to get one so that you don't need to play right hand controller upside down.
rdethloff's Avatar rdethloff 09:59 AM 08-11-2012
There's a guy on EBAY who will mod your controller for you, or you could try to mod it yourself.
4DHD's Avatar 4DHD 03:23 PM 08-11-2012
Seriously!! If you are left-handed, then you should be ambidextrous. It should not matter which hand does what.
I'm a lefty and I always use the mouse in my right hand. And as a kid I could bat from both sides of the plate.
Very few right-handers are ambidextrous, I don't think I have ever known any. Never saw one in all the years I worked construction.
darklordjames's Avatar darklordjames 04:33 PM 08-11-2012
Doesn't the dashboard already take care of this? In your Profile>Game Defaults you can set look to inverted or not, which always tells every game to be inverted by default. In the same place is movement which can be set to left or right. If games follow the rules, then that should swap the sticks on every FPS.

As to the original issue: Sticks being mapped to look and move is arbitrary. Nothing about either motion is inherently left or right handed. The best option is to just learn how to control with the default left/right setting and live through the next couple weeks of sucking as you get used to it. In the long run this is a much better solution.
jake51's Avatar jake51 06:31 AM 08-14-2012
darklordjames, thanks for your reply
I'll try that tonight
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