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For the past 2 years I've been watching, most the most part, ALL ESPN
college football games on my XBOX using my xbox GOLD account (which I PAY
for) and an "approved ISP" . This included ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, even ABC

This past Thursday nite I cranked up my xbox thinking I was going to watch
the Carolina v Vandy game, NOT, then last night I thought I would watch Tenn
v NC State and Mich State v Bosie, NOT - NOT.

After more research I have discovered that ESPN has totally changed game
avalibility on the xbox ESPN app!!! it's called WatchESPN .... NOT
Appearently I will no longer be able to get most of the MEANIGFUL games that
are broadcast on ESPN, ESPN2, ABC, etc like I've been able to do for the
last 2 years. For the most part I will appearently only be able to get these
games that are on broadcast ESPN, ESPN2 , abc, etc on the xbox IF I have a
cable provider. WHY BOTHER. If I had a cable provider I wouldn't be paying
for an xbox gold account and watching football on my xbox. DUH

The whole reason I'm paying for an xbox gold account was to be able to watch
ESPN college football games on my xbox. Obviously ESPN has bent over for the
GREEDY cable companys.

I'm more than disappointed. I'm ready to cancel my xbox gold account .If
ESPN and Microsoft don't figure this out real soon I'll be canceling my xbox
gold account

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Cool story, bro.

XBL GT: deathpallie
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ESPN is the reason cable and sat tv subs are so high.
They aren't known for their charity.
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nothing you can do about it. the media conglomerates are bound to each other.

everyone knows how valuable sports are and how expensive they are. ABC definitely knows how valuable ESPN is and charges appropriately. But for ABC to charge what they charge for ESPN, they have to make the cable and TV providers happy as well. Because if cable/TV providers are going to pay so much for the channel, but if people are going to cut the cord anyway because of other ways to watch it, why would the cable/TV providers pay those fees? So to keep those people subscribed, ABC is going to have to eliminate those people who are getting a free ride.

most channels average around 20 cents a subscriber per month. The Food Network gets 8 cents, for example. Nickelodeon is the top rated network and gets 44 cents.

Then you look at ESPN/ESPN2 which gets over $5 per subscriber per month. That means out of all the thousands or hundreds of channels you have, ESPN alone makes up 20% of programming costs. If you want to cut the cord, your cable provider will complain that they're paying 20% of their entire budget on 2 channels which means something has to give.

It's shocking how expensive sports is. ESPN is over $5. the next is Fox Sports which is about $2.75. then the third most expensive channel is TNT at 99 cents.

you, the sports fan, made ESPN what it is today. you have to live with that.
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i know what you are saying.. i was also very frustrated, i refuse to go back to cable/dish.. what is frustrating is i called ESPN and asked if i could pay to see all the college football games streaming and they said no, they are contracted with the cable/dish companies... needless to say very frustrated...
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Originally Posted by onlysublime View Post, the sports fan, made ESPN what it is today. you have to live with that.
Exactly! And, who is your internet provider? That's the issue with streaming - you think they're going to sit on the sidelines while revenue goes to others? Fat chance.

Also don't forget to thank your elected official - the 1/2 wits who allowed Commie Crap to buy NBC..............sheer genius to have a cable co own a media provider.

It's just my opinion & it's worth exactly what you paid for it.
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Man. I would happily pay $10/month for just ESPN and the networks so I can watch college football.

I'm in Canada and was disappointed to see the Vandy v SC and TN games blacked out on ESPN3 since I was able to watch them last year using unblock-us.

Oh well, just be thankful you live in a country that offers ESPN. Up in Canada, there is no ESPN and no way to get it...mad.gif

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

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But you get the Labor Day Classic Canadian Football games!!! Wait I guess we get those now too, on either the NBC sports network or ESPN U or something. Those were pretty entertaining once I got used to all the motion....and dang those are some big end zones. I will be supplementing all of my American football viewing with that now.

ESPN still has cricket matches and other sports not on cable and I can actually watch it this year after getting out of TWC so I am OK with it. The company exist to make money which they do with TV ad money so I can see where they are coming from.
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well, the TV provider is not going to want to go to a la carte programming. it means less money for them on a lot of levels. ESPN doesn't want to micromanage millions of accounts and doesn't want to risk losing the revenue stream from the TV providers. much easier to manage and predict the lump sum of billions versus millions of unpredictable $10 accounts. nobody is going to give on this.
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