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DaverJ's Avatar DaverJ 11:17 AM 11-13-2012
Anyone else looking forward to playing this? Open-world Middle Earth with actors' voices - it sounds like it's the next step from the excellent Batman 2.

btw, I don't know how many discs are affected, but there might be a recall for the 360 version. I'll update when my Amazon order arrives later tonight if this is the case.*

*EDIT: my order from Amazon is the full game - no problems.

dragonyeuw's Avatar dragonyeuw 01:00 PM 11-13-2012
I missed the last few LEGO games( both Harry Potters and POTC) but I'm in for this. Huge LOTR fan....
DaverJ's Avatar DaverJ 09:37 PM 11-13-2012
Well, I'm not far in the game, but the beginning levels aren't impressing me as much as I had hoped. The level design is pretty straightforward and bland, and so far it's simply following the first movie in a linear fashion. All the dialog is straight from the movies, although they changed some of the visuals a bit to include the Lego humor when they can.

However, once I arrived in Bree, I noticed side quests opening up. I did the first quest, and the game started to feel better. I'm hoping the game improves from here. I loved previous Lego games, especially Batmans 1 & 2, and Pirates of the Caribbean. But so far the beginning of Lego LOTR wasn't hitting me the same way as those games.

Fingers crossed it picks up.
tgable's Avatar tgable 04:05 PM 11-14-2012
My son and I got to Bree. Love the music and movie dialog. Not too much gameplay so far though.
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