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kentstor's Avatar kentstor 02:10 PM 12-23-2012
Hey all, I'm new here. I'm hoping some of you guys can help me with a problem I'm having.

I'm trying to connect an older Xbox 360 with only component video for HD outputs to a Pioneer receiver. The receiver connects to a projector via HDMI. I've tried plugging in to all 3 component video inputs on the receiver and assigning it under DVD on the input setup. I get audio just fine but video never works, including trying to turn video conversion on and off. I've flipped over to standard 480p (through composite) and set the HD resolution to 1080i but that didn't fix it either (unless that doesn't actually set the HD resolution properly?). I'm starting to run low on ideas and sorry if this isn't exactly the right section. Thanks!

darklordjames's Avatar darklordjames 02:15 PM 12-23-2012
This is more of a specific receiver question. You'll find better answers in the thread for your receiver over in the receiver sub-forum.

The big question is, does your receiver actually do conversion from component to HDMI? Some do, but it still an uncommon feature. Grab a DVD player to hook up component to the same receiver for testing purposes.
darklordjames's Avatar darklordjames 02:24 PM 12-23-2012
kentstor's Avatar kentstor 05:03 PM 12-24-2012
Okay so I grabbed an old TV receiver with component out on it for testing purposes. I can get the composite output working just fine but I get no component video. I looked through the manual pages and on 15 it says that I should be able to output component video in through HDMI. Right now I'm not seeing this working what-so-ever with anything I've hooked up. I've tried turning video conversion on and off and that hasn't seemed to help either. Maybe you have to assign component video to output through HDMI somehow? I'm getting frustrated because I don't understand why the manual says you can do this but it doesn't seem to work at all, and I could've sworn I had this same setup working around a year or two ago.
darklordjames's Avatar darklordjames 06:09 PM 12-24-2012
There was reference to priority on one of those manual pages. If you have HDMI-in assigned to an input and also assign component to it, then it will ignore component-in.
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