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emartins's Avatar emartins 10:23 AM 06-15-2013
If anyone is interested in trying this game out they are taking applications for the beta.

stevew24963's Avatar stevew24963 02:54 PM 06-16-2013
Interesting,I play on pc and enjoy it very much.I read it will be a free download for gold members.Curious to see how it adapts to xbox.
aaronwt's Avatar aaronwt 05:54 PM 06-16-2013
Originally Posted by emartins View Post

If anyone is interested in trying this game out they are taking applications for the beta.

josay's Avatar josay 06:11 PM 06-16-2013
Couldn't find release dates? For either beta or game?
glibchef's Avatar glibchef 04:48 PM 06-17-2013
whats the deal with this game, i hear a lot about it but never really seen in-game action?

is it like call of duty, just with tanks?
mboojigga's Avatar mboojigga 09:45 PM 06-17-2013
Can a mod close mine I didn't see this one. My apologies.
emartins's Avatar emartins 07:17 AM 06-18-2013
Originally Posted by mboojigga View Post

Can a mod close mine I didn't see this one. My apologies.

Better apologize. wink.gif
mboojigga's Avatar mboojigga 07:35 AM 06-18-2013
mphfrom77's Avatar mphfrom77 01:19 PM 06-19-2013
I got a work buddy that loves this game on pc.
aaronwt's Avatar aaronwt 12:59 PM 06-20-2013
Have they announced people in the beta yet?
emartins's Avatar emartins 01:09 PM 06-20-2013
Not sure, I havent gotten any emails.
onlysublime's Avatar onlysublime 12:24 PM 06-27-2013
Polygon had a cool video:

Major Nelson's blog had a small piece on it:

Major Nelson: some of the other things, of course. Don't forget one of the other games and this is getting a little off the track, but you know, World of Tanks. e and I were talking about that before the show started and that's one of those where you don't really realize how big it is until you start digging in on it.

Marc Witten: oh yeah. And I don’t know if you guys have had a chance to play. It's a great game. It's got that really tight multiplayer feel and …

Major Nelson: Laura played it, right?

Laura Massey: we did. Larry got me a couple of times.

Major Nelson: I blew her up a couple times. She blew me up a couple times. So it was a standoff.

Eric Alan Neustadter: I mean, 60 million people a month are playing that game.

Major Nelson: yikes.

Laura Massey: that’s a lot of people.

Eric Alan Neustadter: and the beta is coming to Xbox 360 very soon so if you haven't already signed up for it, you should go and sign up for it.
jlomaga's Avatar jlomaga 03:28 PM 06-27-2013
I had a chance to play WOT on the Xbox at E3 this year. Being a big fan of the PC version I must say they did a great job bringing it to console. I could even say I liked it a little better on the Xbox, seemed like the pace on the console was a bit faster, might just be due to the lack of strategy by the others playing and everyone just going right into the action without thinking. But the controls are solid and anyone who plays on PC will love it. I meet with the Wargaming folks they were planning on getting the beta out in peoples hands sooner then later. They were even shooting for last weekend but since I haven't heard anything, I think that got pushed back or was really small scale roll out.
emartins's Avatar emartins 12:11 PM 06-28-2013
Looks like codes will be sent out tonight and tomorrow.
onlysublime's Avatar onlysublime 03:53 PM 06-28-2013
woohoo! hope to have some tank gaming tonight!

A limited number of beta codes will be sent out today and tomorrow to those who registered to be beta testers. Those who do not receive codes this weekend are invited to apply again for a chance at participating in future betas.

Beta tests of the latest build of World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition will take place today through Sunday, June 30 and will run from 6 p.m. to midnight ET each day. encourages beta testers to report bugs and provide feedback on its official forums. The company notes this is only "phase one" of testing and new rounds will open to more testers every week.
josay's Avatar josay 06:00 PM 06-28-2013
Awesome, I just got my beta key. Works gonna draaaaag! Can't wait!
josay's Avatar josay 07:07 PM 06-29-2013
Bummer! The beta will only DL during the allowed days and times you're allowed to play. Ima try and play on the last day of the first beta. As I work late. If I'd a known this is, I'd of given my beta key away. :'(
aaronwt's Avatar aaronwt 06:15 PM 06-30-2013
I'm still hoping I get one. Or the beta is over quickly. I tried playing on the PC but I can't get used to using a mouse and keyboard again. In the 90's through 2005, that is mostly what I used for gaming. Then when the 360 came out, I had to get used to using a controller. But once I did, I gave up PC gaming. Now it''s been so long, I don't want to go back. I want to stick with console gaming with a controller. So WoT seems nice but I am looking forward to being able to play it on the 360.
emartins's Avatar emartins 12:08 PM 07-03-2013
Just got email with the code. I'll be playing tonight
onlysublime's Avatar onlysublime 12:53 PM 07-03-2013
just got mine too! hopefully will see you on the battlefield! biggrin.gif

the hours are pretty restrictive though...
mboojigga's Avatar mboojigga 06:20 PM 07-03-2013
Still didn't get one. I downloaded the PC version so I am just going to play that until it is released on the 360.
aaronwt's Avatar aaronwt 10:43 PM 07-03-2013
Originally Posted by mboojigga View Post

Still didn't get one. I downloaded the PC version so I am just going to play that until it is released on the 360.

I tried the PC version a few times and then I uninstalled it. I just can't get into PC games any more.
onlysublime's Avatar onlysublime 11:15 PM 07-03-2013
it works pretty well so far on the Xbox. framerate and lag are there. i guess that's why it's a beta. but it's pretty fun. i just have no clue what I'm doing...
emartins's Avatar emartins 05:12 AM 07-04-2013
For me, I didnt have fun. I found it way to slow paced. From what I can remember from E3, the game looked so much faster. I also didnt like the whole 1 death and its over. Sucks for a noobie trying to learn when you die within minutes.

I am not writing it off just yet. I will play the rest of this weekends beta session and then post my impressions. It could of been a lack of not knowing whats going on and not enough time to learn in a match for me. Time will tell.
onlysublime's Avatar onlysublime 10:08 AM 07-04-2013
yeah, learning the pacing took a couple of tries. at first, I ran my tank in there like I was playing COD. the next time, I was more cautious (overly cautious because the experienced tank drivers knew when to creep and when to sprint). there's tutorial level to help you learn.

did you use the sniper zoom? they didn't even show that in the tutorial.

I'm still trying to figure out the autolocking/shoot-on-the-move as it appears you need to learn that.
ultracat's Avatar ultracat 10:35 AM 07-04-2013
Only had time to do the training mission last night. Looks good and fun. I have no past experience with this game (i.e. on PC). I think being able to upgrade the tank etc will be fun. I did notice in the training the slowness so to speak in the pacing. I think it's good though. I think Halo and COD have got us all jacked up on super-human speed. I actually appreciate it being a bit slow to make you feel, you know, you're driving a tank. No Halo superjumping tanks LOL.
onlysublime's Avatar onlysublime 11:02 AM 07-04-2013
Originally Posted by ultracat View Post

No Halo superjumping tanks LOL.

ultracat's Avatar ultracat 11:27 AM 07-04-2013
Even if it happens, I guess we're ok as long as we've got one of these:

onlysublime's Avatar onlysublime 01:06 PM 07-04-2013

onlysublime's Avatar onlysublime 05:43 PM 07-04-2013
i'm think i'm beginning to get the hang of it.

like always, cover is key. if you can have a building or rock on one side of you and a bush in front of you, you're golden. knowing the map is key and they set up a lot of these things around the map.

if you can wait for your reticle to really shrink, you'll be far more accurate. don't just shoot when the gun is reloaded.

the RB targeting only works when you're in 3rd person view and is meant for shooting on the go. so you wait until the target is red and then you tap RB. he'll say person is targeted and then say person is locked. if locked, you'll score a hit. if you shoot while targeted, it's pretty hit or miss.

spotlight as many people as possible. it's pretty satisfying to spot someone and then see your teammates rain down on them.

and of course, hunt in packs. 2:1 rarely works.

also, keep in mind that you can turn your viewpoint far faster than your turret actually turns.
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