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todd1010's Avatar todd1010 08:44 PM 12-16-2013
I've noticed since buying my Xbox One and playing on this television there is a little lagging going on when turning. I have the picture mode set to "GAME" and its way better than the others, but is there anything else I can do to eliminate this or lower the delay?


sage11x's Avatar sage11x 01:57 PM 12-17-2013
This from who reviewed the British version of your panel (in a smaller size):
"The TXL42E5B is sadly not [a] gamer’s panel. The input lag is simply too high for fast-paced games requiring spilt-second inputs, and the motion blur was highly distracting when playing 60p games. It would be better to opt for plasma TVs, since they offer quick response and clean motion in one package."

They claim 42 ms of lag on this set in game mode. By contrast my panasonic s30 tests out at 16ms and my vt60 tests out at 23ms. For reference the new sony w800/900 series test at a remarkable 8ms.

Solution: buy a new tv.
Mr.Scarface's Avatar Mr.Scarface 07:35 PM 12-17-2013
I have the 42'' version of this TV. I use game mode.....should turn off all the video processing. I have no problem with input lag. Are you sure it is not your internet connection? Go in and manually make sure of the video processing is off.

The TXL42E5B is NOT the 42'' version of your TV. The TC-L42E50 is (which I have).
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