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KrisRoberts's Avatar KrisRoberts 05:30 PM 12-05-2006
I would like to re-wire my VGA cable to appear as a component cable to the xbox.

MY av system is all setup for routing RGBHV from my source devices to my displays. So far I've been using the Xbox with the VGA adapter and all has been well. But recently I've been using it in 1080i and sending the component signal through my RGBHV cabling.

It works fine, but currently I'm using the component cable, gender changers, a VGA/RGBHV breakout cable just to get it to the right connector to go into my system.

I suspect that the cable tells the xbox what kind it is by grounding a combination of leads. I also kind of suspect that the RGBHV and Component signals run through the same pins. So my hunch is that if I know how to modify my VGA cable to tell the xbox to send component that it might just work with a minimum of re-soldering.

Does anyone know or have pointers to the pinouts for the Xbox360 AV connectors?

Searching around I find tons of guides on how to build a VGA cable from the standard composite cable. But I havent found any pinout info for the component connector.

EricM407's Avatar EricM407 05:50 PM 12-05-2006
KrisRoberts's Avatar KrisRoberts 06:25 PM 12-05-2006
Awesome! It looks like the cable identifies itself by shorting two pins. The vga cable shorts 18&20 and the component shorts 26&28. The rest of the connections match up as I had hoped.

Warming up the soldering iron and we'll see...


Yep, works great. Thanks!!!
Signia's Avatar Signia 09:40 AM 12-06-2006
Wouldnt the opposite hold true for this? Take the component cable and short out the VGA pins so it will send a VGA signal? Wouldnt this allow upscaling of regular DVD's over component?
KrisRoberts's Avatar KrisRoberts 01:15 PM 12-06-2006
No. If it thinks its sending VGA or Component that's what its sending. If you have it send vga through the component cable it might be convenient for a RGBHV display that takes BNC connectors rather than the VGA plug. But it would still be VGA. If your monitor expects component and you're giving it VGA instead its not going to work.
Bertil's Avatar Bertil 03:24 PM 12-06-2006
Yeah, and you would be missing the H and the V portion of RGBHV... unless you can re-route the sound cables for that...
EricM407's Avatar EricM407 03:25 PM 12-06-2006
I'm thinking this would be useful for people who have their cabling going through walls who want to switch 360 outputs without running new cable or going through a bunch of adapters. Assuming their display or receiver knows how to handle either signal on the same input, they could just buy a spare 360 AV cable and mod it.
KrisRoberts's Avatar KrisRoberts 10:15 PM 12-06-2006
That's exactly why I wanted to do it. My projector takes either RGBHV or Component on BNC connectors. All my wiring and distribution amplifiers/swithers are setup for five signal RGBHV. Just running the three component component signals through what would normally be the RGB lines works great - I tell the projector to use that input as component instead of VGA and all is well.

The other monitors in the system cant switch between VGA and component on the same input, but its not that big a deal. To use it on those displays I either switch back to the real VGA cable at the xbox or get a break out vga to bnc cable at that end and run it into their component inputs.

It doesnt work as well the other way, to go from component to vga as was pointed out above. The component cable doesnt have anything wired to the H and V sync lines that you need for VGA.
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