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hydro5.56's Avatar hydro5.56 04:47 PM 01-20-2007
I have 3 and 5 yr old daughters and am looking for a 360 or original xbox game that they would like. Needs to be VERY easy to play and restart once your game is over. Something that they could play without constant supervision. The 5 yr old is pretty quick to figure things out. I am not really familiar with any games designed for kids this young. They have a V-smile and can play it pretty well but the games are just boring, more designed for education than fun. That is fine, but I want them to have something they will enjoy enough to stay interested for 30-45 minutes at a time. Thanks alot.

hydro5.56's Avatar hydro5.56 04:57 PM 01-20-2007
Also should have asked if there are any XBLA games that the girls maight love.
BoomerBrian's Avatar BoomerBrian 05:01 PM 01-20-2007
My 4 yr old really likes Legos Stars Wars. I even have fun playing it with him. It will require some supervision because they can't advance sometimes and they need a little help. The good thing is you can die as many times as you want.
Van Smack's Avatar Van Smack 05:46 PM 01-20-2007
Gears of War!!

Actually, I bet some of the stuff on Live Arcade might be more up their alley. Something along the lines of Zuma.
mproper's Avatar mproper 05:52 PM 01-20-2007
I'll second Lego Star least the second one for the 360...I haven't played the original for the old XBOX. I'm playing it with my 5 (and 1/2) year old, and it's pretty fun.

Like the other guy said, you can die as many times as you want, and it restarts you right where you left off. I think it's easy enough for kids, but it's also funny and entertaining enough for adults, and there's plenty of goals and hidden characters and vehicles and missions to get also. Plus it's legos...and star wars...they go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

The other game I have for him is Cars, based on the movie. It's non-violent, and there's no dying/shooting etc in it. It's also pretty easy for kids to pick up and play, but also has a lot of goals in it to go do, as they get better at it.
batallion's Avatar batallion 06:00 PM 01-20-2007
Have to agree about Lego Star Wars I and II. My 4 year old loves LSII on the 360. He's pretty much unlocked all of LSI by himself on the Xbox. I've got to admit that I have fun playing it too. We even watched Empire Strikes Back last weekend, and he loved it. My son also plays some of the older TMNT games, and I just got him Teen Titans. Teen Titans is okay. Playing TMNT with him was torture though. For awhile, that was all he wanted to play. He was dying for Bioncles for Christmas, but has only played it once.
Cilent1's Avatar Cilent1 06:29 PM 01-20-2007
Star Wars Lego, Open Season, Cars, Feeding Frenzy (Live Arcade) and PGR3 w/the MS wireless wheel are a few that my 5 year old enjoys. When mom is not watching we sometimes sneak in a little GOW .
wirechild73's Avatar wirechild73 07:13 PM 01-20-2007
My 4yr old loves Lego Stars Wars II! I play it with him and enjoy it as well.

We got Heavy Weapon from XBLA and he really loves playing it as well. We have tried all the racing sims and he doesn't enjoy them, however I just ordered the racing wheel so myabe that will make it more fun for him.
Chief Ediri's Avatar Chief Ediri 07:20 PM 01-20-2007
Fuzion Frenzy 2 (January 30th)
JeffChap's Avatar JeffChap 08:05 PM 01-20-2007
For girls that age, Barbie Horse Adventure for the Xbox would probably hold some appeal. My daughter has it, and it's pretty simple to play. It does not run on the 360, so if you don't have an old Xbox, it's out.

I'll second the Lego Star Wars series too. I even enjoy them.
hookem12387's Avatar hookem12387 08:46 PM 01-20-2007
No one mentions viva pinata? The game that was, in theory, made for girls and has an accompanying cartoon show?
Chip Z's Avatar Chip Z 09:26 PM 01-20-2007
Another vote for Lego Star Wars. Both I and II are great. My 3 1/2 year old boy loves it.
talbain's Avatar talbain 10:46 PM 01-20-2007
if you're looking exclusively at 360 games, outside of lego star wars and viva pinata there really isn't anything else. i'd suggest taking a look at the backwards compatibility list...
kmpotts's Avatar kmpotts 10:50 PM 01-20-2007
Barbie Horse Adventure is backward compatable with the 360. That would be a good one.
nithos's Avatar nithos 06:09 AM 01-21-2007
Originally Posted by hookem12387 View Post

No one mentions viva pinata? The game that was, in theory, made for girls and has an accompanying cartoon show?

Might need to be a little older to get into VP. There is a ton of stuff going on.
hookem12387's Avatar hookem12387 11:31 AM 01-21-2007
Originally Posted by nithos View Post

Might need to be a little older to get into VP. There is a ton of stuff going on.

That's true, but with the way it walks you through a lot of stuff, and with the simplified control scheme, I think the 5 year old could easily pull it.
pelly's Avatar pelly 11:45 AM 01-21-2007
If you would consider an original xbox game that I believe is backwards compatible I would recommend Super Monkey Ball Deluxe. My 5 year old absolutely loves it. It has about 150 different levels (of all difficulty levels) + 10 or 12 party games. We had a blast playing that together the last couple of years.
virtual-human's Avatar virtual-human 12:48 PM 01-21-2007
Super Monkey Ball is a blast. I had that on the cube. It is a great multiplayer game for adults, too. Especially loved bowling, pool, and the hang gliding/target landing minigames.
hydro5.56's Avatar hydro5.56 04:08 PM 01-21-2007
i will check to see if Super Monkey Ball is BC. I dont know anything about it, is it real simple but fun enough to keep them interested?
Dan Lau's Avatar Dan Lau 05:09 PM 01-21-2007
My 4 1/2 year-old loves Cloning Clyde. It's rated for everyone 10+ probably due to the mild violence, but it visuals are no more violent than the average Tom 'n Jerry / Roadrunner cartoon (which shows my age), and who doesn't find the occassional exploding chicken harmless?

Like Lego SWII, you can die as many times as you like and although each of the 34 levels has a time component, most of the achievements are based on becoming a Clyde mutant - a Clyde-frog/monkey/sheep which enables extra powers. I also like the puzzle solving component of it - like making use of your mutants/clones to reach areas which are otherwise inaccessible to you.
DKaps's Avatar DKaps 06:33 PM 01-21-2007
I'll add another vote for Barbie Horse Adventure for young girls. It's 360 compatible but hard to find as it's a pretty rare title. My oldest daughter (5 now) played it alot and it was her first video game. She's more into Viva Pinata these days though she doesn't have all the skills to really do well at it....

dustoff's Avatar dustoff 08:44 PM 01-21-2007
Starwars Legos II
Viva Pinata
Feeding Frenzy (XBLA)
Pac-Man (Crazy as it sounds)

Soon to add Fusion Frenzy 2 (Kids loved the first)
Catt99's Avatar Catt99 09:22 PM 01-21-2007
I posted a similar question (but 8 and 5 year-olds) a while back and got a lot of great suggestions. Old thread HERE.

Almost a month into 360 ownership in our house, and Cars is a huge favorite amongst the kids (I like it, too). The "story" mode allows my 5-yr olds to roam around Radiator Springs having fun, to run various races or challenges if they like, and to allow their 8-yr old brother to help them out on some of the more challenging bits. Viva Pinata is definitely too complex for them, but they enjoy watching others play for short stretches. I'll probably try to find Barbie's Horse Adventures soon, since one of my 5-yr olds is a Barbie fanatic and I've heard good things about the simplicity of the game.
mboojigga's Avatar mboojigga 10:45 PM 01-21-2007
Yeah I think like muliplayer games like Star Wars II will be a good game to get to show them what I am sure they are already learning is sharing with each other. Also, I would recommend Marble Madness and even Bejewelled 2 and the free game that came on the 360 to help with hand eye coordination. Thats what my kids enjoy but my son is 7 and my daughter is 9.
nithos's Avatar nithos 07:00 AM 01-22-2007
Originally Posted by dustoff View Post

Feeding Frenzy (XBLA)

My buddies 18 month old "plays" this game.
coflo's Avatar coflo 11:33 AM 01-22-2007
Finding Nemo (original xbox) -
finished this with my 4 year old, and we're playing Cars now.
jluzbet's Avatar jluzbet 11:58 AM 01-22-2007
Sonic the hedgehog... yeap 4 real
mproper's Avatar mproper 12:14 PM 01-22-2007
While we're on this subject, is the original LSW as entertaining as LSW2? It's like 20 bucks, and I assume it's backwards compatible with the 360. I'm sure it's not as cool since it's based on filmes 1-3 rather than the original trilogy, but if the gameplay is pretty much the same, I might pick it up. My son and I are almost done with LSW2, so looking for another game to get for us to play together. I also assume you can play co-op together on the first one, right?
Chitown1211's Avatar Chitown1211 01:13 PM 01-22-2007
Heres what I do. My 8 year old girl seems just fine playing the demos from marketplace. Cars, fusion frenzy2, viva pinata, . She plays the FF demo for hours on end. She isnt much of a gamer so its an easy way for me to let her play the 360 from time to time and I dont waste money on games. lol

Im a cheapskate arent I ? lol
maximuslcd's Avatar maximuslcd 01:23 PM 01-22-2007
yeah mabye some of the games in the x box live arcade..if your connected to the internet...I cant really think of any "kids" games off the top of my head, as the x box is def aimed at adults....I cant believe the language used in someof these games..... I mean c mon its a game
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