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Originally Posted by vhato View Post

That is what I thought. But I swear a user here said through some kind of magic 1080i60 is a full progressive 60 frames per second.

So I am right. 1080i60 becomes 1080p30 if properly deinterlaced leaving games locked in to 30 fps on progressive TV's. My arguement was why do that when you can run 720p, gain horizontal resolution and increased frame rate if you can't run 1080p60.

If you have a progressive TV, then you should have the Xbox output 720p. There's no reason to set it to 1080i.

But that doesn't mean that 1080i/60 become 1080p/30. The TV will turn 1080i/60 to 1080p/60, with some reduction in resolution (versus true 1080p/60), depending on how much motion there is.

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