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d.a.v.e's Avatar d.a.v.e 11:01 AM 04-12-2008
I have a dell 2300mp projector, just purchased a hdfurry to allow me to hook my ps3 up to it. When I reset the playstation to defauts and go though the video setup again everything looks good. When I turn everything off and come back to it later I get a green tint Any one have any ideas what may be causeing this?

If I turn off the ps3 the projector displays white just fine, turn on the ps3 and back to the green tint, leaving the projector on and doing a full reset of the ps3, the green tint goes away, I can go though set up and everything looks good. I can play games swich video modes no problem but as soon as I turn off the ps3 then I go back to the green tint? I did not have this problem with my ps3 was hooked up via component to my hdtv.

Has anyone seen something like this before?

imdjenk's Avatar imdjenk 05:09 PM 04-12-2008
If turning your PS3 on and off wasn't affecting the green tint, I would say check your component cable connections. My old DVD player had a green tint problem but it was because one of the component cables was not plugged all the way in. Try connecting another source with the HD Fury and see what happens?
popimp's Avatar popimp 05:38 PM 04-12-2008
This might not be relevant. But when I hooked up a DVD player the first time to my TV, I noticed a green tint. I had to change the settings from S-Video to Component and this cleared it up. Hope this helps.
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