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I am overwhelmed with games, I just can't keep up with the pace. I have so many unfinished.

I have about 60 hours in Dragon Age Inquisition. I've been told around 2/3's of the way complete.

Dying Light has been sucking up my time lately.

Apotheon is something I just started and is fun so far.

DriveClub - always in the mix, such an amazing game.

Far Cry 4 - haven't touched in a few weeks due to the other games

Lords of Fallen - same

I'm sure I'm missing something as well. I bought a few smaller games that were on sale like Last Swan and some others.

The Order is looking like a purchase
Blooborne is a guaranteed purchase after playing the beta
Dark Souls 2 PS4 version

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Mainly NHL 15, so hooked on building up my Ultimate Team.

Have Last of Us Remastered and Far Cry 4 unopened. Can't decide which one to play first. I know I am going to like both A LOT. Just want to make sure I can dedicate some time before beginning.

Also picked up Need for Speed Rivals and EA Sports UFC for cheap off psn store sale.
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Walking Dead Season 2
Game Of Thrones
Rogue Legacy

- Jer
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I just got a PS4 in mid-December and immediately delved into two of the free games that came with my bundle: Far Cry 4 (50% complete) and LittleBigPlanet 3 (completed story campaign and Pop-up Academy). I also played the free Plus game Contrast and bought and completed The Walking Dead season 2. I'm now wrapping up my third 100% completion of Flower, which looks a plays amazing on the PS4 (I previously played it on PS3 and Vita).

Not to neglect my PS3 backlog completely, I've also put some time into Madden 15, Borderlands 2 DLC, Dishonored DLC, and this week I started the one LEGO game to rule them all Lord of the Rings.

Next up are Skyrim Legendary Edition, which I purchased the week before I decided to jump on a PS4 bundle, and some obscure little game that came with my PS4 bundle, The Last of Us Remastered. I know it may seem odd to start LEGO LOTR ahead of Skyrim and TLOUR, but I'm afraid the longer I wait on these backlog titles, the less chance there is that I will ever get around to playing them. By contrast, there's no way I'm NOT playing Skyrim and TLOUR, even if it doesn't happen for another six months.

Looking at the above, I seem to have completely abandoned my Vita, which I haven't fired up since the Thanksgiving holiday weekend to play Escape Plan.
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Driveclub, BF4, Hardline, some golf, and whatever else. I'm overwhelmed too but that's a good thing.
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Recently completed:

Infamous: Second Son -- a great-looking game, and the different powers were cool, but I wish there had been a bigger difference between the good and evil storylines.
Fez -- got this as a PS+ freebie, and tried it on my Vita just to see what all the fuss was about. Cute, but not my cup of tea. Also, the puzzles are incredibly obscure; I can't imagine how people completed this game without a walkthrough.
Transistor -- a really interesting combat system. The only thing that stopped me from getting the platinum was the series of Performance test challenges.

Currently playing:

Wolfenstein: The New Order -- I didn't pay much attention to this when it first came out, but after its appearance in many "Best of the Year" lists, I gave it a try, and am enjoying it immensely.
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I bought a month of the subscription for Playstation Now, so I too am overwhelmed with games.

I just halted my subscription to FF14. Will go back to that in a few months. Plaything through Prototype 2 on the PS3. Playing through The Last of Us. Haven't even started Infamous First Light, free from PS+. Thinking about starting a game of Dragon Age: Inquisition soon. And going to plop down some money to preorder Final Fantasy Type-0 to make sure I get that FFXV demo next month.

Too much good stuff. With Playstation Now, I'm good on games for a while. And they've already updated it and added new games and I haven't even had it a month yet...

Stand tall and shake the heavens...
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Been having a party every weekend to play through Alien Isolation with my pals. Glad we finished it last Sunday, for this weekend will be all about Monster Hunter 4!
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