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thejokell's Avatar thejokell 06:09 AM 07-09-2009
I figure we have one in the 360 forum, might as well have one here. Just a thread to post any deals on both systems and games (and any related accessories).

I'll start it off with a refurb 80gig system at for $299 with free shipping:

Also, as posted in fcorona76's thread below, Amazon has Prototype as the Gold Box deal of the day for only $40:

Finally, Gamestop is running a sale on a bunch of games, and there are some notable PS3 deals involved:

Best bets - Oblivion GOTY, Wheelman, and Prince of Persia for $20 each.

thejokell's Avatar thejokell 07:19 AM 07-09-2009
Mirror's Edge $14.99 used at Gamefly:
lwright84's Avatar lwright84 11:50 AM 07-09-2009
thejokell's Avatar thejokell 12:19 PM 07-09-2009
Originally Posted by lwright84 View Post

You mean like this?

Sure, but at the time I posted there were only system deals in that thread, and discussions of backwards compatibility. Plus there were other deal threads scattered around even though that thread existed. Whatever.
thejokell's Avatar thejokell 01:20 PM 07-09-2009
Free $50 gift card with purchase of an 80gb PS3 at Toys R Us tomorrow and Saturday (in store only, link goes to a PDF):

PS3 is on page 3.
thejokell's Avatar thejokell 01:21 PM 07-09-2009
Dead Space $20 at Gamecrazy through 7/12. Link to ad:
thejokell's Avatar thejokell 01:52 PM 07-09-2009
Red Faction: Guerilla for $50 w/ free shipping:
Mobius_570's Avatar Mobius_570 02:35 PM 07-09-2009
$9.99 games in store at Best Buy as posted by cadsystems. Each store has different games so your mileage will vary.
thejokell's Avatar thejokell 02:39 PM 07-09-2009
Originally Posted by Mobius_570 View Post

$9.99 games in store at Best Buy as posted by cadsystems. Each store has different games so your mileage will vary.

Also, some stores don't have any games (none of the stores near me have any at that price). There are also deals on CE editions of some games - Saints Row 2 CE is $39.99 at one in my area.
thejokell's Avatar thejokell 04:45 AM 07-10-2009
Don't have a link to the actual ad, but according to a thread on inFamous will be only $45 next week at Toys R Us.
thejokell's Avatar thejokell 01:53 PM 07-10-2009
Ghostbusters for $47 shipped free:
Zion21's Avatar Zion21 07:48 PM 07-10-2009
Originally Posted by thejokell View Post

Ghostbusters for $47 shipped free:

Awesome, thats a brand new game too. Im getting that one now.[img]https://********************/smile.gif[/img]
goandeatsomestuf's Avatar goandeatsomestuf 10:01 PM 07-10-2009
Bionic Commando for both PS3 and 360 is 19.99 at Gamestop.

I confirmed this price at my local store yesterday, but walked out with BlazBlue instead
Martez's Avatar Martez 10:55 PM 07-10-2009
Wow, that's cheap. I think I'd rather buy BlazBlue myself, too. I have to hold back though, because I need to stop spending so damn much on vidya games
thejokell's Avatar thejokell 08:27 AM 07-11-2009
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel $48 w/ free shipping

Amazon deal of the day, so valid today only.
thejokell's Avatar thejokell 02:43 PM 07-11-2009
F.E.A.R. 2 on sale for $44 shipped free:
thejokell's Avatar thejokell 12:14 PM 07-12-2009
Best Buy Reward Zone members, get Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard for $10. Use this coupon for $20 off:

Best Buy currently has the game at $30:

No idea if it's actually good or not, though.
lwright84's Avatar lwright84 01:32 PM 07-12-2009
The playstation store has the full-featured battlefield 1943 game for $14.99 - I don't know if this regular or sale price but I played the demo and that price is a deal for sure.

Newegg games $18.99 or under and all free shipping (unless otherwise noted):
- dark sector
- stranglehold
- MLB front office manager
- Beowulf
- NBA ballers (paid shipping)
- Singstar
- motorstorm
- virtua tennis 3
- warhawk
- lost planet
- virtua fighter 5
- unreal tournament 3
- Kane & lynch
- the simpsons (paid shipping)
- haze (paid shipping)
- Clive barkers Jericho
musick's Avatar musick 03:20 PM 07-12-2009
some great prices on software @

titles must be added to cart to show discounted prices below ... free shipping (and no tax in some states ... where there is not a Sony Store)

Assassin's Creed [] $16.48

Bioshock [] $16.48

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue [] $15.88

Fallout 3 [] $33.08

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars [] $21.88

Burnout Paradise [] $10.68

Guitar Hero: World Tour (game only) [] $32.382

Iron Man [] $11.18

Lair [] $18.68

LEGO Batman [] $10.78

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga [] $11.18

Madden NFL 07 [] $10.48

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots [] $15.88

NBA 07 [] $8.48

NBA 2K7 [] $5.18

NBA 2K9 [] $21.88

NBA Live 08 [] $7.18

Need for Speed: Carbon [] $10.68

Need for Speed: ProStreet [] $10.68

NFL Tour [] $15.98

Overlord: Raising Hell [] $21.88

Resistance: Fall of Man [] $14.98

Rise of the Argonauts [] $32.38

Rock Band Track Pack Vol. 2 [] $15.98

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution [] $16.48

Skate [] $15.98

Soul Calibur IV [] $21.88

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed [] $15.18

Street Fighter IV [] $32.38

The History Channel: Battle for the Pacific [] $11.18

The Orange Box [Half-Life 2] [] $10.68

The Simpsons Game [] $11

Tom Clancy's EndWar [] $21.88

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 [] $12.18

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground [] $11

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune [] $32.38

Unreal Tournament 3 [] $11.18

Virtua Fighter 5 $11.18

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 Featuring ECW: Collector's Edition [] $29.99
Martez's Avatar Martez 03:51 PM 07-12-2009
Wow, some amazing prices in there.
thejokell's Avatar thejokell 03:53 PM 07-12-2009
Can't seem to add anything to my cart right now, though. The site always times out.

Edit - Finally was able to get through. Picked up Warhawk for $34 shipped with the bluetooth headset (been looking for a decent one for a while, figure may as well get a game with it).
DarrellG's Avatar DarrellG 02:27 PM 07-13-2009
Hollywood Video is running a deal on used games. Any used game regularly priced at $29.99 or less is now $4.99!!!

That's a great deal.
thejokell's Avatar thejokell 04:19 PM 07-13-2009
Thanks to Yrd in the XBox Deals thread:

Guitar Hero Smash Hits has dropped to $50 at Gamestop -
thejokell's Avatar thejokell 07:09 AM 07-14-2009
Rock Band 2 SE is the Amazon Deal of the Day at $130:
thejokell's Avatar thejokell 09:00 AM 07-14-2009
thejokell's Avatar thejokell 01:39 PM 07-15-2009
Amazon Deal of the Day

Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince, $35 w/ Free Super Saver Shipping
thejokell's Avatar thejokell 01:42 PM 07-15-2009
10% off the Guitar Hero Store with coupon code GHS10
SpartanSteve's Avatar SpartanSteve 02:09 PM 07-15-2009
If anyone is interested in the Ion drum kit for Rock Band, this is a great deal I posted in the RB thread:

Originally Posted by SpartanSteve View Post

Until July 18 Amazon is offering a deal, trade in at least $50 worth of used games, and they give you a code for half off any game or accessory. I am happy to report that the code actually works on the ion set. I just scored it for $92 plus 5 older games.

zoro's Avatar zoro 08:05 PM 07-15-2009
Thanks! I think, I am going to set an auction for my like new 60GB PS3 on ebay, and move on to 80GB interim possibly moving to new slim if released soon.

How much you guys think, I can get for it? and what will be the best place to sell?
Ratnose86's Avatar Ratnose86 10:30 PM 07-15-2009
Why trade the 60 GB for the 80 or slim?
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