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10-07-2012 | Posts: 961
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I'm a few hours into Leon's campaign and so far I'm not understanding the hate. With some caveats, what I've seen so far is a refinement of RE5 with a darker setting.

Good stuff:

- Melee no longer relies on iffy contextual triggers. You can still get context-specific attacks, but you're always free to attack on your own terms. This is balanced by a stamina gauge, which is also a welcome change.

- Hey, look, you can finally move and shoot at the same time! Why it took this long to figure out, I have no idea.

- Dark settings return for better atmosphere. Sometimes things get a little too dark, though, even if you fiddle with the brightness settings.

- Inventory and weapon switching are more streamlined.

Bad stuff:

- The camera can get out of whack at times, especially in tight spaces, which can lead to cheap deaths.

- Random events can also cause cheap deaths, though this hasn't annoyed me too badly yet.

- Too many QTEs. This gets annoying at times.

- The cover system is a little flaky.

Maybe the game gets worse as you go (I don't know), but I'm enjoying it so far. I'm looking forward to the Agent Hunt mode, where you can play as an enemy zombie in someone else's single player game...

- Jer
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10-09-2012 | Posts: 961
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Finished Leon's campaign -- the final boss fights were a bit tedious, but the spectacle was good.

Tried out Agent Hunt mode, and it's hilarious. I played as a zombie dog, a shovel-wielding cemetery zombie, an acid spitter, and a corrupted townsperson. Each zombie has its own move set and special attacks, and you can respawn as much as you like until you kill one of the agents or they complete the current area. You can also collaborate with the second human zombie player if one is there. You can even spend skill points to beef up your zombie skills if you want.

Since Agent Hunt takes place in someone else's campaign game, you get to play the other side of some fun moments. Most of my attempts wound up in the cemetery, but once I got to play as one of the zombies storming the gun store in town, which was cool. I think this mode limits you to the campaigns you've completed, so you don't have to worry about spoilers.

Again, I don't understand the critical dogging of this game -- I'm really enjoying it.

- Jer
ThisOneKidMongo's Avatar ThisOneKidMongo
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10-12-2012 | Posts: 2,647
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Finished Leon's campaign last night. It wasn't quite as bad as I was expecting, but man, this is just not a good game. At several points I felt insulted and confounded by the notion that a team of developers/actual thinking, breathing human beings actually thought certain parts of it would be fun to play. The undying-boss-fest that ends Leon's campaign is so tedious and super-long that it borders on self-parody (particularly when I lost the internet connection partway through with my partner and had to start again several sections back).

More than that, I just don't like most of the tweaks to the gameplay/UI. The herb-mixing healing mechanic is so laughably complicated that it feels like the game is playing a joke on you and will reveal the real healing system any time now. The cover system is clunky, confusing, and mostly useless (at least in Leon's campaign). Weapon selection is cumbersome and time-consuming, due to giving you too many guns and no longer allowing you to assign specific weapons to D-pad shortcuts. Also, both players each get every weapon you find, meaning you lose a bit of the strategy of RE5 in planning each player's loadout. I also preferred the stricter but more predictable melee combat of RE4/5, but thinking about it I'd be fine with how it is in RE6 if they'd go back to labeling the name of the melee move in the prompt. As it is, they throw up the same generic "R1" prompt whether you're near a standing enemy, kneeling enemy, enemy from behind, or a freakin' box. I love running up to an enemy thinking I'm going to obliterate their head with a jumping bulldog, but instead limply shin-kicking a box open and consequently getting my face murdered into stick-waggling QTE Hell.

That's not to say there aren't moments of fun to be had, and in general it's fun enough with a partner, though I bet there will be sections where both of you just want to quit. But on the whole the game feels a bit like going on a date with an ex from five years ago, where you're honestly, perhaps a bit desperately, trying to recapture some of that old spark, while doing your level best to ignore the fact that sometime over the past half-decade she turned into a boring goddamn idiot.

Not overly looking forward to Chris and Jake's campaigns, but dutifully complete them I shall.
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10-14-2012 | Posts: 961
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Completed Chris's campaign. Definitely weaker than Leon's, because most of it tries to play like an intense third-person cover shooter, but this just highlights the weaknesses of the game's control and cover systems, which gets frustrating. That said, I still enjoyed it overall.

Playing Agent Hunt in Chris's campaign is a very different experience, because the J'avo are a lot more agile, and they have a chance of mutating into something nastier when they get killed. Chris and Piers also have a lot more firepower than Leon and Helena, so it's noticeably tougher to kill them. It's fun to jump around doing that sword dance, though...

- Jer
ThisOneKidMongo's Avatar ThisOneKidMongo
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10-16-2012 | Posts: 2,647
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I'm only two chapters in, but I'm enjoying Chris' campaign much more than I thought it would. It's still not great, but it's the kind of big dumb action gaming that makes for serviceable mindless fun in co-op. It helps that Chris' over-the-top masculinity is as hilarious as ever. I could laugh all day at that monstrous double backfist melee of his.
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10-17-2012 | Posts: 961
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Finished Jake's campaign yesterday. It was an odd hodgepodge of shooting, running, driving, stealth, melee, and scavenger hunt, but I think I liked it better than Chris's campaign. His auto-aiming martial arts attacks are pretty cool, though I didn't realize how to use them properly until halfway through the campaign.

Haven't had a chance to try Agent Hunt on his levels yet, but some of them ought to be pretty interesting.

On to the final, not-so-secret campaign...

- Jer
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10-20-2012 | Posts: 961
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Played some Agent Hunt on Jake's campaign. Being the zombie bird on the snowy level is interesting, but not exactly fun. The flight mechanics are very strange and inconsistent. Playing as the lizard creature in the Chinese mansion is great, though, especially if the Jake player is trying to pull kung fu moves on you...

- Jer
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10-22-2012 | Posts: 961
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Finished the final campaign. The first chapter was kind of annoying, but the rest were fun. Lots of crossovers with the other three campaigns, but from a unique perspective.

I'll probably put this down for a while, then come back on Veteran and play through the secondary characters with online co-op and Agent Hunt turned on. The Mercenaries isn't really my kind of thing.

I still don't understand the critical drubbing this game received. It's got some faults, but it really expanded on the RE5 feature set and gameplay (especially the online components), and I thought the multiple interweaving campaign approach really worked well. There's at least 20-30 hours of single player campaign content, plus the replayability from online co-op and Agent Hunt. I enjoyed it.

- Jer
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10-22-2012 | Posts: 700
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the game wasnt completely horrible. but the camera was very annoying. especially during the chase segments. the camera kept driving me insane and i ended up dying 10 times in a minute.
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10-25-2012 | Posts: 613
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Originally Posted by Notsobright View Post

the game wasnt completely horrible. but the camera was very annoying. especially during the chase segments. the camera kept driving me insane and i ended up dying 10 times in a minute.

They're fixing the camera in a patch next month.
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10-31-2012 | Posts: 625
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Originally Posted by MarkcusD View Post

Originally Posted by Notsobright View Post

the game wasnt completely horrible. but the camera was very annoying. especially during the chase segments. the camera kept driving me insane and i ended up dying 10 times in a minute.

They're fixing the camera in a patch next month.

Yeah can't wait for the patch, getting annoyed at zombies getting me from blind spots. May shelf the game til then.

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