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JDoubleU's Avatar JDoubleU 02:45 PM 01-20-2011
I am in living in the U.S. right now but going back to Germany in May. In Germany I got my (german) PS3 and Monitor and I am thinking about buying a Hauppauge HD PVR...

As always, it is cheaper in the States, in fact, I would save about 60-70$.
Now when it comes to codecs and NTSC/PAL I'm a total noob.

sooo does any one of you know whether I could use the American HD PVR flawless in Germany?

Thanks in advance

TornadoTJ's Avatar TornadoTJ 03:41 PM 01-20-2011
Look in the DVR part of the forum. This isn't a PS3 question
msgohan's Avatar msgohan 06:38 PM 01-20-2011
I would put it in HTPC forum actually.

The vast majority of capture devices these days do both NTSC and PAL. The specs page actually says that the HD PVR even does SECAM.

Also "Input voltage of power supply provided: 110-220v at 50/60Hz".

You're good to go.
JDoubleU's Avatar JDoubleU 06:17 PM 01-21-2011
thanks, helped me a lot
TornadoTJ's Avatar TornadoTJ 11:46 AM 01-22-2011
Whoops, meant HTPC area.
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