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Anthony A.'s Avatar Anthony A. 09:34 AM 04-24-2012
sorry if this has been asked before, but couldn't find this specifically in search. i just got a ps3 and want to play car games like gt5, etc. against friends. up until now, i was an xbox user who used the xbox mic for voice chatting during games. i have a dedicated theater setup so i want all my sound coming from the 7.1 speakers. i only want to use a headset i already have (sennheiser pc 230 with built-in boom mic) to chat. i don't want any surround/game sounds to come out of the headset. so how do i do this exactly? i can go wired and i already have a usb to l/r audio converter from a corsair headset lying around if thats whats needed.

garciab's Avatar garciab 12:01 PM 04-24-2012
Not sure I follow exactly what you're looking for, but the easiest 'chat only' piece would be a bluetooth headset like what you use for a cellphone. Either the in-ear style, or I guess you can find a bigger type like the XBox communicator.
AccidenT's Avatar AccidenT 12:19 PM 04-24-2012
Here's what I have:


You'd just skip the part where you hook the stereo cable of the headset into your amp/receiver, and the audio would come out of your speakers instead.
Mikazaru's Avatar Mikazaru 02:51 PM 04-24-2012
You have everything you need already (headset and USB converter). If you have game sounds coming out of the headset, you may have to adjust settings in your PS3.
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