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04-24-2012 | Posts: 817
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Does any one know of a list of anaglyph 3D games for the ps3? I've discovered that Skate 2 has anaglyph 3D and its actually quite good! Wondering if there are other games out there with the option of anaglyph 3D. Anaglyph 3D is 3D that use colored glasses, usually red and cyan, instead of polarized glasses or shutter glasses. I do a lot of 3D photography and have anaglyph glasses available. I'm not planning on getting a 3D TV until my daughter is done with college. I was surprised how good the 3D was in skate 2. Anaglyph is hard to do well. Probably the best example of a movie is Coraline on Bluray. Best anaglyph movie ever. It uses green and magenta glasses.
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I know assassins creed revelations did some sort of anaglyph 3D...on the 360 at least.

But even the frame packed native 3D was absolutely terrible. So don't bother.
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