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defdog99's Avatar defdog99 12:28 PM 12-08-2012
Originally Posted by joeblow View Post

Those other techs like S-Video (PSOne) and component (PS2) weren't fancy new things as well for older PlayStations. It's just a fact that not everyone uses the best quality option, so Sony has chosen to include the basic option for over 15 years with their console despite better choices available.

I was a First week adopter of the PS1.
A couple weeks into it, I called tech services at Sony and asked about S-Video cables that my new $900 27 inch Mitsubishi tube TV had.
We did some talking on it and a couple months later, I was in possession of a cable.

This wasnt some order taking lady I talked to, but a techie.

joeblow's Avatar joeblow 06:57 PM 12-08-2012
Yeah, the S-Video and component cables worked well (I had 'em too), but my point was that the older systems didn't come with them packed in. In each of the three PS generations, the rule seems to have been to include one cable that everyone can use. Composite cable is the only one that does that. I can't imagine a non-HDTV owner will spring for a PS4, so I expect the new standard pack-in at that time to be HDMI.
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