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spinoza_43221's Avatar spinoza_43221 08:43 AM 08-23-2012
If you’re a playstation plus member the Dust514 beta is open to us now.
I downloaded it last night and gave it a few minutes of play.
FYI as soon as you download and install you have to download another 2 GB patch. It was around 2 hours from the time I started downloading till I could actually play the game.

Some info that I have gleamed so far.
Race/class combo makes very little difference after a while. If I had to say go with something go with what ever puts you closest to getting the type-2 assault dropsuit.

Vehicles are summoned by pushing right on the dpad during a battle. This brings up the menu where you can choose what type of vehicle you want dropped in.

All items except Militia Items and (blue print items..which I have never seen) are consumable. Saved up to buy that fancy sniper rifle. You die..its gone. On the plus side nothing is really that expensive and the increase over militia items is very small. The hierarchy basically goes Militia/ basic > Advanced > Prototype. Advanced items seem to be roughtly 5% better than basic items and Prototype seem to be 10% better. Which is not an earth shattering difference.

After each match you get sp(experience points) and isk(money). You get bonus money if you just started playing for that day and it scales down very quickly. Seems like after 5 matches there isn't a bonus anymore.

So class/race doesn't matter what does. They have something called dropsuits that you can configure. Its kinda like your battle armor. Right now there are 4 types Assault, Heavy, Scout, Logistics.
Assault- Jack of all trades (but here is the catch its like 90% of the other suits)
Scout - Slightly Faster than Assault suits but half the HP..it also has a smaller hitbox
Heavy - 50% more HP than Assault suits but much slower access to heavy weapons....painfully slow
Logistics...When you just have to have 2 active tech slots

Sniper rifles when you first look through the scope there is horrible amounts of sway. If you kneel down and don't move for ~3 seconds the sway goes away. The charged sniper is OHK against many builds.
Assault rifle..pretty much the best weapon in the game. Tactical assault rifle is deadly in competent players hands...(I am not one of those players)
Shotgun..meh its good in close quarters fighting
Swarm missiles...don't try to shoot people with it. Its strictly an anti vehicle weapon.
Heavy MachineGun /Forge Gun....not impressed

Jackal55's Avatar Jackal55 11:40 AM 08-23-2012
The races and classes mean nothing but asthetics. The skills can be trained by any class or race. At least in Eve it can.
spinoza_43221's Avatar spinoza_43221 10:30 AM 08-27-2012
If anyone is interested I would love to play with somebody. Really want to try out running around in a heavy tank with someone.
benjamin-benjami's Avatar benjamin-benjami 09:29 PM 08-27-2012
so is it fun??
Conspiracy*'s Avatar Conspiracy* 08:17 AM 08-28-2012
I feel kinda bad posting a thread about console MMOs, having neglected this. I'll give a shot today sometime.
spinoza_43221's Avatar spinoza_43221 11:24 AM 08-28-2012
Impressions?...actually I had some impressions in my first post that I deleted. The game is in a beta and still under NDA and I don't want to violate that.

I will talk in very loose terms though. Its a first person shooter so inevitably in will be compared against battlefield 3 or call of duty. Its still very much a beta but at this time I would say its not as good as either of those games. I would hope anyone playing or developing this game would admit that as well. After playing a bit I went and found some of the discussion and interviews with developers and this game has incredible potential. There is also a lot of benefit to the player in getting in on the ground floor so I think at this point I will stick with it. It may not be triple A game now but give it another year or two of development and you could have something very special.
spinoza_43221's Avatar spinoza_43221 12:44 PM 08-30-2012
Found out that they will be wiping out character experience before this game goes live so if you want to pass on the frustration that is the beta I will bump this thread when it goes live with some suggestions on how to spec your character.
spinoza_43221's Avatar spinoza_43221 11:33 AM 01-23-2013
Just an FYI DUST 514 went open beta yesterday. I'd say at this point its a pretty decent game. Its a free to play FPS MMO and you earn experience over time just by creating a character. So you could download it today, Setup a character, not play, and then six months from now spend all the skill points you earned to give yourself a decent character. Things have changed a lot since my first post and impressions before. If your interested message me.
hsv's Avatar hsv 06:03 AM 01-25-2013
I've played it some, I feel like I have a general idea of what to do. The unlock trees are huge, so many options its a little overwhelming at first. I logged in a couple of days ago and I wasn't accruing any passive skill points. Not sure why?
spinoza_43221's Avatar spinoza_43221 01:36 PM 02-07-2013
If you activated the passive skill points on a character and they aren't accruing this is a know issue right now. The quick fix is to create a new character activate the passive skill points on it and then switch it back to your original character.

And feel free to message me if you want to squad up with me sometime. PSN ID is spinoza43221
bdoyledimou's Avatar bdoyledimou 09:22 PM 02-08-2013
how do you "activate the passive skill points"? is it just an automatic thing or is there steps to follow?
hsv's Avatar hsv 10:48 AM 02-09-2013
Spin, Thanks for the message. That fixed it.

If you only have one character the passive should be activated on it by default. So when you select your character you will see how many SP you've earned + passive points. You can tell if passive is working by the value increasing when you log in from the last time you logged in, or go to the neocom and marketplace and watch your SP increment every second or so. If its not, then do as Spin suggested above.
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