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bigwreck77's Avatar bigwreck77 05:20 PM 12-31-2012
Hi, I just bought a new pioneer receiver for xmas and have my xbox 360,apple tv and sat receiver hooked up and getting picture and sound. When i hooked up my ps3 via hdmi i am not getting any picture or sound. If i hook up the componet cables to my tv i get picture and sound. Is there something im doing wrong? Can anyone help me? Sorry is this has all ready been posted. Thanks

jayoldschool's Avatar jayoldschool 10:29 AM 01-01-2013
Connect it like this: PS3-HDMI-Pioneer-HDMI-TV. With the TV and Pioneer ON, and both set to the correct inputs, and the PS3 OFF, press and HOLD the power button on the PS3 until the SECOND beep, then release. This will reset the video output of the PS3, and you should have a picture on the TV. Run the video setup.
bigwreck77's Avatar bigwreck77 12:20 PM 01-01-2013
I seem to have got it working. I got frustrated and left it alone and a few hours later i tried it again and it worked perfectly. Thanks for your help.
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