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gtrscort's Avatar gtrscort 12:05 PM 04-14-2013
I'm thinking about purchasing movies on the PS3 slim instead of buying the hard copy disc...my question is, how many HD movies can I fit on the 160 GB version? I have Netflix downloaded but no longer use it because of my Roku, and I mainly use it to play angry birds, watch blu rays and play call of duty so there's not much space being taken up.

TedSeattle's Avatar TedSeattle 12:48 PM 04-14-2013
It'll depend on the movie, obviously, but here's a data point for you: I have a bunch of episodes of Mad Men in HD on my PS3, and they're about 2.25 GB each. If we imagine a movie is equivalent to two of those episodes, it'd be 4.5 GB.
darklordjames's Avatar darklordjames 01:40 AM 04-15-2013
Don't buy movies on a proprietary digital platform with a single playback device, especially ones that you have to download and store. If you want to buy digital movies, then at least buy them through Amazon or Vudu, where you can then use them on pretty much every device that you can point at. Plus, no storage requirement and a far greater chance that you'll still have access to those movies in three years.
bassmonkeee's Avatar bassmonkeee 09:22 AM 04-15-2013
Yeah, I agree with DLJ. Don't buy them on the PS3. If you have a Roku, buy them through Amazon. Then, you can access them from the cloud on any number of devices or computers instead of just on the PS3, or Vita/PSP.
defdog99's Avatar defdog99 12:44 PM 04-15-2013
Buy the real DVDs.

Then you wont lose them if Sony decides to turn off its servers.
darklordjames's Avatar darklordjames 02:04 PM 04-15-2013
Physical media is a terrible way to distribute linear data. The cloud is certainly where movies belong. There are just far better options than Sony's service.

Really though, buying costs 4x the rental price. Are you really going to watch every movie four times? I'd hazard that you would have a much broader experience and spend less money by sticking with $6 digital HD rentals when you want to watch a film. I never buy digital film, and I only ever buy Blu if it's something special like Prometheus in 3D that needs to go in my Alien collection. Hell, Prometheus was the last disc I bought.
defdog99's Avatar defdog99 02:33 PM 04-15-2013
I have no problem renting movies from the cloud/store/digitally.

But people are smoking something if they think the songs/movies they bought will live in itunes and the Sony store for the remaining 50 years of their life.
gtrscort's Avatar gtrscort 04:32 PM 04-15-2013
I actually fooled around with VuDu yesterday and even found that some of my movies had an Ultraviolet copy I didn't download...I downloaded them and linked my accounts and can now watch the movies from the cloud...at some point I'll figure out how to go about making my own "server" where I can store all my movies without having to rely on a streaming service.
TornadoTJ's Avatar TornadoTJ 04:40 PM 04-15-2013
1. I remember buying LaserDisc movies instead of VHS so I'd have them forever. Yes they still work, and yes I have some movies on LD that were never released on DVD, but you get my point. Buying DVD or BD doesn't future proof you.

2. I have a server that will stream. It works great in-home, but over the internet stinks. Seems all the hotels or other public places I go to have such crappy internet service that I can't use it. Even Netflix fails to stream on any of my devices about 75% of the time.

I am agreeing with the post that states it may be cheaper to rent and/or stream. I found I wasn't really ever watching many of my movies more than once.
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