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05-22-2013 | Posts: 7
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Hi, Netflix FINALLY updated their PS3 app to give a pause bar that's more neutral in colors and will hopefully cause less burn in and image retention, although it still doesn't dim the screen or have an actual screen saver function after remaining paused for a period of time so they still haven't quite got it right.

Does anyone else have burn in or IR from the previous app's pause bar? I sure do. I have a 50" ST30 plasma and while I've always considered it important to not leave static images on the screen too long, I wasn't worried about pausing netflix for maybe 3-5 minutes at a time to run and grab a snack or answer the phone. Unfortunately, it seems to have bit me. Why on earth wouldn't they program the app to dim the screen after a minute or so of being paused? Or at least program the pause bar to bounce around the screen? It's just frustrating, it's not like it's a well kept secret that static images are bad for displays.

I swear it's actually getting worse even though the app and pause bar have changed (not possible, I realize, so it must be my mind). I've tried running slides for a couple nights and it doesn't really help at all. It's bad enough to see it during some normal content, not just on solid slides. On solid white background it's a big, obvious pink bar that makes me want to cry.

Ok, just needed to vent a little and was curious if other's have been bit by the old PS3 Netflix app pause bar.
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05-22-2013 | Posts: 155
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No problems with my PS3 or my new Samsung F8000... Thanks for the heads up... smile.gif

This article has a few good things for Image Retention Removal...

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05-24-2013 | Posts: 7
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Thanks for the tips! I'll try those.
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