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Sibuna's Avatar Sibuna 07:59 PM 06-10-2013
Knack looked interesting for the 5 seconds they showed it

americangunner's Avatar americangunner 07:59 PM 06-10-2013
Thanks guys. Mine will have to lay down in my entertainment stand.
joeblow's Avatar joeblow 07:59 PM 06-10-2013
All of these titles are day one releases except early 2014 for inFamous SS.
freemeat's Avatar freemeat 08:00 PM 06-10-2013
Killzone Shadow Fall looks good. Second Son looks corny. Need more info on The Order 1866.
joeblow's Avatar joeblow 08:01 PM 06-10-2013
Awesome real time visuals on the PS4 for The Dark Sorcerer!
TyrantII's Avatar TyrantII 08:01 PM 06-10-2013

PENDRAG0ON's Avatar PENDRAG0ON 08:01 PM 06-10-2013
The Old man tech demo is in a game looking amazing as ever!
joeblow's Avatar joeblow 08:02 PM 06-10-2013
The lighting, reflections and character models are incredible. Lots of cool SFX as well.
joeblow's Avatar joeblow 08:02 PM 06-10-2013
Hmmm, he was making a movie (still in game though).
PENDRAG0ON's Avatar PENDRAG0ON 08:03 PM 06-10-2013
Ok, old man took an amazing twist!
J_P_A's Avatar J_P_A 08:03 PM 06-10-2013
Originally Posted by Sibuna View Post

think they were warewolfs

I can do werewolves smile.gif
Sibuna's Avatar Sibuna 08:03 PM 06-10-2013
that was pretty good
J_P_A's Avatar J_P_A 08:04 PM 06-10-2013
WTF was that about?
joeblow's Avatar joeblow 08:04 PM 06-10-2013
Big applause for The Dark Sorcerer. A better gameplay preview will come out tomorrow. It's from Quantic Dreams.
TyrantII's Avatar TyrantII 08:05 PM 06-10-2013
It's getting better now that they got the corp crap out of the way.

joeblow's Avatar joeblow 08:05 PM 06-10-2013
New Sony guy is up to talk more stuff on the PS4.
Sibuna's Avatar Sibuna 08:06 PM 06-10-2013
Transistor, will debut exclusively first on PlayStation 4 early next year.

f yea
joeblow's Avatar joeblow 08:06 PM 06-10-2013
Indie time!

Super Giant Games, Bastion developer, announces Transistor and shows trailer. Futuristic isometric game.
TyrantII's Avatar TyrantII 08:07 PM 06-10-2013
Transistors got some swag, love the look.
PENDRAG0ON's Avatar PENDRAG0ON 08:09 PM 06-10-2013
Giant Enemy Crab joke!
Sibuna's Avatar Sibuna 08:09 PM 06-10-2013
more of a look at Transistor from earlier this year
TyrantII's Avatar TyrantII 08:09 PM 06-10-2013
No crabs!?

What about MASSIVE damage?

Yrd's Avatar Yrd 08:10 PM 06-10-2013
Ohh I'm happy for that Oddworld remake.
Yrd's Avatar Yrd 08:11 PM 06-10-2013
I haven't missed any crushing DRM announcements yet, have I?
TyrantII's Avatar TyrantII 08:11 PM 06-10-2013
Abe is back!
joeblow's Avatar joeblow 08:11 PM 06-10-2013
Indies can self publish on the PSN. Next up, quick previews of more indie titles:

Don't Starve
Mercenary Knights
Secret Ponchos
Ray's Dead
Oddworld: New 'n Tasty
Galak Z

Huge applause from crowd for indie support. Will launch on PS4.
TyrantII's Avatar TyrantII 08:11 PM 06-10-2013
Well, thats how you do Indy. Nice work Sony!

Are those exclusive, or was that a corp'o speak for first release/
freemeat's Avatar freemeat 08:11 PM 06-10-2013
Galak Z looks pretty cool.
joeblow's Avatar joeblow 08:12 PM 06-10-2013
Diablo 3 gets some exclusive items on the PS consoles.
PENDRAG0ON's Avatar PENDRAG0ON 08:12 PM 06-10-2013
Square Enix!
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