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Droozy's Avatar Droozy 12:18 PM 06-29-2013
Hotline Miami

ps3/ vita cross buy $9.99
came out on PC last year


Game set in the 80's in you guessed it Miami. Top down 2d brawling scroller, that has a retro feel to a fu*king tasty brutal game.


Has a story attached to the mayhem, has a plat trophy for the wh0res. and it has blood... fu*king lot of blood.
it has about a 5 hour campaign length. through the game you will collect masks and letters. If you collect all the letters then you can reveal the alternate ending. The masks, all allow different traits, such as walking faster, extra life, brawler etc.


This game is fun, albeit hard, addicting time consumer. The graphics are straight from the 80's but more importantly, so is the soundtrack, and its great. If your craving a humorous brutality bloodbath wrapped in a cocaine induced warp to 1987... then this is your Indie Game.


frankthetoad's Avatar frankthetoad 05:01 PM 12-27-2013
This game is incredible. The soundtrack is amazing.
NoThru22's Avatar NoThru22 06:39 AM 12-30-2013
Isn't Frank the Toad one of the masks? wink.gif
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