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PENDRAG0ON's Avatar PENDRAG0ON 07:15 PM 10-15-2013
Coming February 25th, 2014, an HD Release of the PS2 version of Tales of Symphonia and the Wii version of Dawn of the New World.



Collector's Edition will sell out fast, preorder before it is gone. Only 15,000 are being made.


Only 15,000 copies of the $99.99 collector’s edition will be produced.

It will include:

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Collector's Edition

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles PS3 Game

5 Chibi Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Figurines

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Multi-Disc music soundtrack

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles printed novel

Collector's Packaging featuring exclusive artwork by ufotable

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Steelbook Case

Exclusive Tales of Symphonia Chronicles DLC Theme

Numbered and limited to 15,000 units

frankthetoad's Avatar frankthetoad 07:56 AM 10-16-2013
I had to pull the trigger and get it. If I'm swamped with PS4 games and just won't be able to get to it, at least I'll have something I can sell on eBay for more than what I paid!
PENDRAG0ON's Avatar PENDRAG0ON 01:41 PM 10-21-2013
I now have two preordered. I want to play it safe just in case one retailer over ordered. (One at Amazon, one at Gamestop) I may keep both or just not pick up the Gamestop one if Amazon comes through.
PENDRAG0ON's Avatar PENDRAG0ON 12:39 PM 10-23-2013
Release date is now confirmed as February 25th in the US. Trailer added to the OP.
PENDRAG0ON's Avatar PENDRAG0ON 03:31 PM 02-25-2014
Game is out now, and each title is available on the PSN for $20, so no need to buy the sub par DotnW.

darthrsg's Avatar darthrsg 11:17 PM 02-28-2014
Great series.
PENDRAG0ON's Avatar PENDRAG0ON 10:52 PM 03-03-2014
Playing Symphonia again makes it really obvious just how far the Tales of series has come. Symphonia was the first 3D title and while it has aged better than most of the 2D entries, it feels it's age. Doesn't stop Kratos from being awesome though. (Kratos vs Kratos would be an amazing fight. wink.gif )

I still consider Vesperia the peak of the series, it did way too many things right and was the last to use a proper overworld. The characters were spot on and had a chemistry that I doubt will be matched anytime soon. Too bad the enhanced PS3 version never made it stateside...
NuSoardGraphite's Avatar NuSoardGraphite 01:43 AM 03-05-2014
Yeah, my wife downloaded symphonia (both games) and they are too old skool for her, so i'l probably end up playing it with my kids. (They loved playing graces f with me)
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