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kawie01's Avatar kawie01 07:51 PM 01-02-2014
I have my ps3 and ps4 side by side in a media cabinet. There is about an inch of space between wall and ps3, an inch between ps3 and ps4, and an inch between ps4 and wall. There is plenty of overhead space. I currently have 3 120mm cpu fans blowing air toward the rear of the units. My question is should the fans be blowing air towards the rear which may be pushing hot air back into consoles, or should i change the fans where they are blowing air away (sucking) from the consoles. Thanxs.

Epyon415's Avatar Epyon415 02:12 PM 01-03-2014
I'd personally swap it so it blows air away. If you have the space in front let the cooler air come from there.
kawie01's Avatar kawie01 02:51 PM 01-03-2014
Thank you.
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