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chriscotters 01-03-2014 02:41 PM

Good evening,


Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere.


When playing Blu Ray movies the sound levels are extremely low. I have to turn the volume up significantly from the standard TV volume. I've changed the audio format to bitstream direct but it doesnt seem to have made any difference. Is there an easy fix somewhere in the settings?


I currently have my PS4 connected to my TV via HDMI. I also have 2 other HDMI ports in use on the TV [one is Sky+ and one is 5.1 Home Cinema]. Ideally, I would like to sound from the PS4 to play through the home cinema when watching Blu Rays but currently this doesn't work. When I select the TV input for the home cinema there is no sound.


I'm presuming there is an easy way to setup so that sound can be played via the home cinema? It would be great if sound still played through the TV if the home cinema was switched off without having to swap cables about.


Happy to provide any more info if anyone can help!

zBuff 01-03-2014 03:43 PM

Welcome to increased dynamic range, that's the way movies are suppose to be to allow the big sounds to be bigger. You can however set Dynamic Range Control to On, to allow for a big more compression of the sound range. But you'll get more control thru your receiver, look at a late night mode if you have it.

As for the dual output to both HDMI and optical at the same time, set the primary output device to optical out then set either DTS or AC-3 to get multichannel output

chriscotters 01-03-2014 03:57 PM

Thanks for this.

In terms of playing through the home cinema I'm guessing I need to connect the TV to the home cinema using a digital audio cable?

The cinema only has one HDMI port to connect to the tv so I don't think I can connect the ps4 directly to it.

Will check the audio settings in the meantime re: compression.

Not really looking for dual output - ideally I want it to output through tv when playing games (like it does now through hdmi) and then output through cinema when watching movies without swapping stuff about each time!

Would an optical cable achieve this?

Thanks again.

grizzly8852 01-03-2014 07:07 PM

Here is how I have mine setup.

HDMI from PS4 to TV

Digital optical from PS4 to receiver

I have my primary output set to digital optical and the stream to Dolby 5.1.

The ps4 still outputs audio to my TV through the hdmi so I'm able to watch shows using just the TV speakers and when I want to kick on the receiver the Dolby 5.1 signal is being sent through the optical cable.

Hope this helps

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