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Epyon415's Avatar Epyon415 04:55 PM 03-26-2014
Originally Posted by cubdenno View Post

Then it definitely doesn't make me mad. At least I know that my subscription is paying for something other than access to multiplayer.

I still don't see how it is a raw deal for gamers. Each gamer determines which console they are going to initially go with knowing that there are going to be exclusives that their choice keeps them from playing. I have not seen a single posting on the XBOX side complaining about the missing out on Playstation exclusives. With Titanfall there are two systems you can play on. Xbox (one/360 someday or PC). Yes Microsoft has the bankroll to buy exclusivity. Sony could have done it. Maybe they tried and got out bid. I don't know but they had the oppurtunity.

Then there are those "people" that buy all the consoles and don't HAVE to worry about missing out. You know who you are and I think you stink...biggrin.gif

Majority of the announced PS exclusives are 1st party dev, so that kinda is a different scenario. Most people believed TF was going to make it to PS4 as the announcement never said MS exclusive...**** we didn't really know about it until late fall. Your point is valid, if I was expecting to play Halo on PS4, but when a publisher is not MS or Sony I generally assume (yea, im an ass tongue.gif ) it has a good chance of being on Playstation, Xbox, Wii, iOS, Android and PC. Realize also that people don't choose and stick with a console solely based on preference, but financial resources also matter. True some of us eventually own all consoles, but that still can ruffle our feathers and just leave us bitter.

Giz's Avatar Giz 09:05 AM 05-13-2014
Apparently just the PS4, going by March 2014 NPD sales.
MarkcusD's Avatar MarkcusD 06:19 PM 05-15-2014
Actually Infamous out sold it in April on current gen. TF won overall because of 360.
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