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Fresnel's Avatar Fresnel 07:52 AM 08-09-2014
I want to get the Blu-rays of Dragon's Lair and Space Ace. Will these games work on PS4? I don't want to/can't stream the PSNOW versions, my current internet connection is too slow.

And does anyone know of any other FMV games that work on PS4?

joeblow's Avatar joeblow 10:05 PM 08-09-2014
I just tried mine out. All three games (DL1, DL2 & SA) play the same on the PS4 as they do on the PS3, which is to say that they look perfect, but have issues. The PS4 version loads the initial game faster than the PS3 though.

For one, the Blu-ray versions on both machines have a hiccup that briefly replays two seconds of animation when it searches for a new sequence. It's the worst in Dragon's Lair One, especially every time you die, the death sequence has the hiccup as well as entering a new room.

On Space Ace, it only does it the first time a death sequence occurs and when Borf speaks. It happens only when you die in DL2, which makes it the less affected by the issue of the three. Lastly, the 'Play' icon of the Blu-ray player always appears in the lower left when you go to a new chapter for all games. Playability wise, the games feel the same on both machines.

I have also played the PS Now streaming version of Space Ace during the closed beta when it was free. I actually like that one better than the discs as I didn't seem to notice the hiccup problem. In fact, my guess is the digital version for the PS3 is probably the best one for Sony's consoles because it doesn't have to search for scene transitions and death animations... it should all play very smoothly.

Hope that helps.
Fresnel's Avatar Fresnel 08:42 AM 08-10-2014
Wow! Thanks for the help, Joe!
joeblow's Avatar joeblow 01:47 AM 08-11-2014
After I posted, I took a look at my PS Now open beta account, and all the games I "rented" for free during the closed beta are still attached to my account as playable for three more months or so.

Space Ace is one of those games. I had already played the BluRay version today to answer your post, and I've now gone through the streaming version on my PS4 as well. It is MUCH better than the disc.

For one, it is using a new code of the game, likely the pure digital PS3 release. It has extra features and tweaks over the BluRay disc, like seeing your score and lives left on the screen. It also doesn't play a Borf taunt after each death like the disc - only after your final death. This is a great improvement as it keeps the action flowing.

The main benefit is that there is no stutter repeats like I described above, and no delay between scenes and transitions either. This is because there is no disc searching at all, so it flows as perfectly as you could expect. The other new features are options to turn off the input beep sounds as well as superimpose a direction hint icon as you play.

The latter tells you what to press a second or two before the normal light indicator pops up. This is a way for casuals to enjoy the game, or, if there is too much input lag during your stream, you can get by with this. For me, I'd say my inputs were about a tenth of a second slower than the disc version, which isn't bad at all. But the action flows so buttery smooth that it is the only thing to keep it from perfection. So here are my rankings of these kind of games with PlayStation consoles:

1. PS3 digital copy. You own it, it isn't streamed, and it will play the smoothest of any other option. Unfortunately it doesn't work on the PS4.

2. PS Now stream copy. It looks and plays VERY similar to the native PS3 digital title (you are streaming that version after all), and it works on the PS4. There is a slight hint of lag and you can only rent it right now instead of own it.

3. BluRay disc. It works on PS3s and PS4s (or any BluRay player) and you own the game to play when you want. But because of disc seek time, there are gaps when it loads each next section and a stutter exists when new info is loaded for the first time. Also, the BluRay play icon lights up on screen every time you advance to a new section. It also doesn't have all the features of the new digital version.

I say, wait a few weeks until Sony follows through on its promise to lower some streaming titles' rent prices to $1.99 for four hours. If these games are included with the price reduction, it is well worth it to try and stream it IMHO. Even at $2.99 you may want to consider it though.
Fresnel's Avatar Fresnel 07:59 PM 08-11-2014
Thanks, Joe!

I would just play the streams, but my connection is way too slow. I ran a test and the connection was rejected :-(
aaronwt's Avatar aaronwt 05:51 AM 08-12-2014
I had rented the Dragon's Lair from the PS NOw last week to try out. It was only $8 or $9 for 3 months(or was it 90 days) rental. It was pretty cheap. But for only a few hours it would have cost several dollars which wasn't worth it. For around double that you get three months.

I have the Dragon's Lair BD and HD DVD somewhere. I guess I should find them and try them out.
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