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TedSeattle's Avatar TedSeattle 12:53 AM 08-13-2014
Looks like Ninja Theory is returning to the "woman warrior" theme of its first game, Heavenly Sword:


On the Playstation blog, Ninja Theory says

We’re calling Hellblade an “Independent AAA” game, by which we mean that it will be developed and published independently but with all the quality and production values of any AAA game on the market.

Why have we chosen to self-publish this game? Certain types of game are very difficult to make for AAA retail without being watered down or otherwise compromised for a mass audience. This is especially true of sword-based combat games or games of a distinctive style or unusual subject matter. We want to make a smaller, more focused game experience that is uncompromising in its combat, art and story, and deliver this digitally at a lower price.

The announcement trailer that we’ve just released is intended to give you a taste of the AAA quality that we’re planning on delivering, and to also introduce you to the Hellblade world, which is based on Celtic myth. The trailer is focused on Senua, Hellblade’s protagonist as she embarks on a very personal journey through a hellish underworld.

We have announced the game unusually early. This is a deliberate move: we want to share our development journey with you, the fans; to develop Hellblade right in front of your eyes so you can see just how we go about making games.

At the heart of this is http://hellblade.com, where you can find the latest from development. Throughout the project we’ll be sharing developer diaries, concept art, design documents, tutorials and work-in-progress of the game being put together. If you hop over to Hellblade.com now you’ll see some concept art from Hellblade as well as an introduction video to the project. You’ll also see a lot more information about “Independent AAA”, and in the spirit of openness, we’ve posted a lot of documentation on a couple of Ninja Theory games that were planned, but never made it into production.

lordxar5's Avatar lordxar5 02:44 PM 08-14-2014
Yea this looked sweet! If this gets a downgrade that will suck.
Crash44's Avatar Crash44 04:23 PM 08-14-2014
This trailer has such a Heavenly Sword sequel vibe going on. Even the game's title makes you think about it:

Hell blade
Heavenly Sword

Pretty similar and exactly opposite at the same time. Character in Hellblade is covered in dirt and war paint while Nariko still had white clothes at the end of HS. This Hellblade character even reminds me of the other girl that tagged along in HS, except all grown up and apparently doing blood sacrifices. Lastly those giant stone columns that resemble teeth appear in a very similar way in HS, along with being used in HS game menu.

Very least a spiritual sequel. I am so on board for this one.
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