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Monstermile's Avatar Monstermile 06:37 AM 01-15-2005
My daughter was telling me last night that on her copy of Burnout 3 that she only has one thing available on multiplayer. That is Party Crash. She said that all of the others are locked. I have the XBOX version but I don't recall having to unlock any of the others. They were available right from the start. Could she have a defective game??

MoMeanMugs's Avatar MoMeanMugs 04:51 PM 01-15-2005
I believe it's because the other ones are online or require more than one system. Does she not have the network adaptor?
Monstermile's Avatar Monstermile 05:24 PM 01-15-2005
I don't believe they are online. I just tried my sons copy on his PS2 and everything is open. Is the same on my XBOX version when I started a new profile. So does it sound like a bad disc??
MoMeanMugs's Avatar MoMeanMugs 07:08 PM 01-15-2005
Try her copy on his PS2 with the memory cards out and in. Maybe it has to be unlocked.:confused: I never played it online. I seriously doubt it's a bad disc.
eclipz's Avatar eclipz 11:56 PM 01-15-2005
Sorry I don't have the game up and running but from what I remember those other options in multiplayer need a second controller, hook up a second controller and they should light up. I'll check it out tomorrow.

Monstermile's Avatar Monstermile 11:56 AM 01-16-2005
Figured it out. She was using a PSOne controller in the second port. Dunno why it makes a difference but it does.