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post #661 of 666 Old 08-19-2013, 01:49 PM
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Originally Posted by gepetto420 View Post

sorry for ressurecting this thread again. I must be half retarded because I still dont know how i should have my system setup. I dont have one of those expensive fancy recievers you guys have. I just have a piece of **** soundbar (sony ht-c260) because i dont want to disturb my neighbors with a big bad boomy 5.1 system rockin the entire apartment complex. so from my understanding its not a true 5.1 surround so do i use bitstream ? My TV is new (Vizio M-series 55") and i believe it can pass 5.1 anyway. ill be using the TV as a switcher and run an optical audio cable from my soundbar to TV. what would be the best settings to use while watching cable TV ? while playing PS3 ? while watching a blu ray on my PS3 ? Thanks for helping out a noob.

You definitely want to use Bitstream on Blu-Ray and PS3 since you only have a soundbar. You'll only get Dolby Digital and DTS with optical though. If you use PCM with Blu-Ray/PS3, you'll have issues hearing dialogue because the PS3/Blu-Ray Player will be decoding the sound codec which is most likely a 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1 Audio Format and you only have a 2.1 system. How many optical ports are there on your soundbar? I wouldn't use the TV as a switcher for Blu-Rays and PS3. It doesn't sound as good as having your soundbar directly connected to the source. Amazon has optical port switchers for $20.00. I would go that route if you only have one or two outputs on the soundbar.
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I'm getting blu ray audio dropouts on my fat PS3, notice it on the intro to Game of Thrones, I have it set to PCM anyone got some help for me?
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Originally Posted by Ryder125 View Post

I'm getting blu ray audio dropouts on my fat PS3, notice it on the intro to Game of Thrones, I have it set to PCM anyone got some help for me?

What hardware do you have? Depending on what you are sending it to. You may want to use Bitstream and see if that fixes your issue.
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OK, let's see if I can explain bitstream first and then 3/2.1 and keep it to two or three paragraphs instead of multiple pages.
posted elswhere by alk3997. By far, he provided the best answer.. Set your output to Bitstream!

When you purchase a disc (or a file), the audio encoded on the file is in a certain format. It can be stereo PCM (where PCM is just a way of saying that the numbers on the disc match the audio levels to generate) or it can be multichannel. Multichannel is an easy way for me to say 5.1 channel or 7.1 channel or anything greater than stereo.

When you select bitstream, you are telling the OPPO to send out the audio in the exact format it is on the disc or the file. So if the disc is encoded in Dolby Digital, the OPPO will send Dolby Digital. If it is encoded in DTS, it will send DTS.

If you select LPCM, then the OPPO will decoded whatever format is on the disc, convert it to stereo PCM and send that instead. So if you want DTS or Dolby Digital, you have to tell the OPPO to send out bitstream. The PCM option is great for people with stereo TVs that have digital audio inputs.

It's a hair more complicated with Blu-Ray audio but that's the general idea.

3/2.1 is actually even easier. The first number is the number of front channels (3 = left front, center, right front). The second number is the number of back channels (2 is left surround and right surround) and the .1 is how many LFE channels you are using. The LFE is a bit more complicated because number of LFE channels does not equal number of subwoofers, but a .1 indicates that there is a single LFE channel that is supposed to go to a subwoofer. So, 3/2.1 is an exact match for 3 front speakers, 2 rear speakers and a subwoofer. It's a long hand version of 5.1.
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I was experimenting with the HDMI audio out setting on my PS4 last night for the game Watchdogs. I noticed something I thought was a bit strange. If I select bitstream option on the PS4, I can press the info button on the receiver and it will show the input signal (5.1 Dolby Digital, and the speaker output setting and listening mode, 9.1 DTS Neo X in my case). What I thought was strange though was that if I switched to the linear PCM option on the PS4, when I pressed the info button on my receiver it showed the input signal as 7.1 Multichannel PCM.


So it would seem that for this game you get a completely different audio format input to your receiver depending on if you choose to bitstream or send linear PCM to the receiver (5.1 channel audio for bitstream and 7.1 for LPCM)


Anyone have any ideas on this, as this seems rather atypical to me.


(duplicated post in watchdogs PS4 forum as well as this thread is a bit old)

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Originally Posted by thebigdaddye View Post

since no one has answered the question which is better bit stream or PCM, i will answer it for anyone that wants to know. pcm is better , it is loss less audio and it's the way the original is supposed to sound. typically DD double digital which is sent bit stream is around 600 kb and pcm loss less is usually sent around 5.0+ mbs . the pcm track will be much clearer and more i guess defined when compared to double digital, but you must have a receiver that excepts pcm audio like my onkyo tx-sr604. you can clearly hear a difference between DD vs PCM and pcm is better. hope this helps

No one has mentioned SACD yet......

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