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joeblow's Avatar joeblow 04:46 PM 04-16-2011
Zindagi Games, developer of the awesome Sports Champions for the Move controller, is working on another PS3 exclusive:

Seen as the PlayStation Move’s answer to Wii Sports, Sports Champions is arguably the best game on the controller, offering a fun experience, while teaching gamers how to use the device. Sports Champions developer Zindagi Games are now creating yet another PlayStation 3 exclusive, presumably for the Move.

The 2nd Party developer has posted a job listing over on Gamasutra looking for a Game/Level Designer and Creative Director for the PS3 platform only. While the game isn’t explicitly listed as a PlayStation Move title, it’s probably safe to assume it is, considering the developer’s experience with the controller. Not only did Zindagi develop Sports Champions, but they “collaborated directly with Sony on the Move tech since its inception all the way through R&D and production.”

Would you like to see a brand new IP for the Move, or perhaps Sports Champions 2? Share your thoughts below

joeblow's Avatar joeblow 07:08 PM 04-20-2011
More un-named exclusives on the way from the developers of the upcoming Thor and one from the makers of Pain:

Thor: God of Thunder developer Liquid Entertainment are hiring for a new PlayStation 3 only title. According to a recent job listing, creators of the realtime strategy game Battle Realms, The Lord of the Rings: War of the Ring and the upcoming RPG Thor movie game, will be bringing their next title to PS3.

With the PS3 being the lead platform for Marvel’s latest game, Liquid Entertainment definitely seem to prefer Sony’s console, and now the company have listed a job opportunity for a PS3 game over on Gamasutra. Preferred applicants for the programmer position should have “Familiarity with XBLA and PSN”, so it is likely that the game is a PlayStation Network title, rather than a full retail release. Candidates also have to be “Highly knowledgeable of Unreal Engine 3″ so it is likely that the engine will be used in the game.

With Idol Minds and Zindagi Games also working on PS3 exclusives, the future of the console’s library certainly looks promising.

joeblow's Avatar joeblow 03:42 PM 05-03-2011
Hey WipEout fans, good news! Sony has signed up for two trademarks: WipEout Tinity and WipEout 2048. Perhaps one is a PSN game and the other is for their new NGP portable?
joeblow's Avatar joeblow 07:31 PM 05-04-2011
A new overhead action game called Wanted Corp. is coming this summer with optional Move support:

joeblow's Avatar joeblow 07:40 PM 05-08-2011
Interesting rumor - Heavenly Sword might be getting a sequel:


The pre-E3 rumor mill has begun to churn, and with it comes a sequel to Heavenly Sword, one of the most underrated games for the PlayStation 3 which many feel lost out as it was released during the troubled launch of the PlayStation 3. According to the latest issue of the UK PlayStation Magazine, PlayGamer, the sequel is in development and takes place 10 years after the events of the first game.

According to the magazine it will be an open-world sandbox title featuring re-playable missions and interactive environments. The magazine goes on to say that the Heavenly Sword weapon will not be available from the start of the game and you will have to work your way to obtaining it by mastering different martial arts.
Seeing as how Ninja Theory, the developer behind the original game went on to multiplatform titles, a sequel would have to be worked on by another team. Now again this is just a rumor so take it for what it’s worth but we do have to hope this is one of those rumors that come true.

joeblow's Avatar joeblow 02:56 PM 05-09-2011
More "info" on the HS sequel rumor:


And here’s another rumor for you today: A UK gaming magazine is claiming that Heavenly Sword 2 is in the works.

According to PlayGamer (via The Silent Chief), the next game will be set 10 years after the first one, and is an open-world sandbox title.

Missions will be replayable within an interactive environment, and you will have to earn the famous sword in the game by mastering various different disciplines of martial arts.

The magazine suggests players will start out with basic hand-to-hand combat before moving onto more intense physical combat learnings before being able to wield the Heavenly Sword.

More information at E3 is expected according to the article.

joeblow's Avatar joeblow 12:07 PM 05-11-2011
For all of you JRPG fans, Tales of Grace F is coming to NA/EU PS3s from Namco sometime in 2012. Here's a trailer video of the Japanese release:

joeblow's Avatar joeblow 04:17 AM 07-02-2011
TedSeattle's Avatar TedSeattle 01:53 PM 07-03-2011
FYI, your link for Medieval Moves goes to the page for Dust 514.
joeblow's Avatar joeblow 04:19 PM 07-03-2011
Corrections and updates are always appreciated. Fixed.
joeblow's Avatar joeblow 04:15 PM 09-05-2011
I'm catching up on a bunch of new titles announced/rumored recently. As always let me know if I miss something or make a mistake:

Newly added:
Elevator Actions Deluxe
Ready at Dawn project (PSP God of War developers)
Yakuza 5
Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny
Gladiator Versus
Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland
Move Fitness
Everybody Dance
Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends
Supermassive project #1 (Tumble developer)
Supermassive project #2
SuperBot Entertainment project
Pyramid Inc. project (Patapon developer)
SCEE Move project
Bleach: Soul Resurrección
Fast Draw Showdown
Tekken Hybrid (TTT HD + TTT 2)


Everquest PS3:

While DC Universe Online was Sony Online Entertainment’s fastest selling game ever, the EverQuest series has easily been SOE’s most successful franchise, with the massively multiplayer online role playing game become a critical and commercial hit that spawned a sequel as well as a spin-off PS2 series. The MMO EverQuests have always been only available on PC, but a new job listing hints that the franchise may be headed to PS3.

Over on Gamasutra, three separate job listings show the PS3 as the platform for EverQuest, with the adverts clearly stating that they are talking about EQ Next:
The next installment of the EverQuest franchise is SOE’s next great product that pushes design and technological barriers to expand the nature of the MMO genre. Set in a re-imagined version of the well-loved world of Norrath, EQ Next has its sights set on being as genre-breaking as “EverQuest” and “Planetside” were when SOE originally released them. Come join us as we build the next big thing.
With all three advertisements listing the PS3 as a platform, it seems unlikely that an error was made twice – but we’d still recommend taking this information with a grain of salt.

SOE showed that they are willing to bring MMOs to PS3 with DCUO and Free Realms, but, with The Agency canceled, they haven’t officially announced any further PS3 MMOs.

Black Troll Studios project (FPS game from Electronic Arts)

LinkedIn might be a great tool for finding a job, or gaining a business connection, but it is also perfect at helping us root out which games are in development, long before an official announcement has been made. This time, a developer working for EA has let it slip that the publisher may be developing a PS3 only first person shooter.

Rick Stalder, who also works for 343 Industries, put on his LinkedIn that he has been working with Black Troll Studios since September 2010 as a contractor on an “Unannounced FPS title in development (PS3)”. His LinkedIn has since been updated to replace Black Troll Studios with “Confidential”. While Black Troll haven’t been officially revealed as a developer working for EA, the website is registered by the publisher, making it highly likely that the studio is indeed owned by EA.

Michael.Chris's Avatar Michael.Chris 05:20 AM 03-08-2012
Thanks for sharing !
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