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Originally Posted by brakel View Post

I'll see if I can answer this question tonight.

I will as well. You want to try and play, brakel? PSN ID is Machines. I hope the online for this is better than the online for NBA 2K7, which I could never get to work. Hopefully this will be an improvement. Not sure what time I'll be on tonight, but send me a friend invite and we'll see if we can give the online a shot.

I agree 100% with your review. The longer and longer you play, you do notice little graphic things that you wish were better, but the gameplay is so fantastic you really don't care. The animations and ground interaction, the way the players feel like they actually have weight to them, is the key here. It's the subtle details like the skinny sideways run, the little extra push from your RB when he's getting tackled, etc., that make it look like the real deal. The sliding in Madden got to be too bad for me to stomach anymore and I last purchased it in '06. I was going to hold out for it this year and pass on this, but it just looked too dang good.

My only major complaint is the sound. I'm not sure if I got a bum disc or what, but the audio is terrible. Every time the crowd goes into a loud cheer, my speakers crackle. I've tried it through headphones, too, and it does the same thing. I think they are pushing that audio level too hard and wonder if they could fix that with a patch.

I also don't like how the score bar covers up the names and stamina rating of your backfield. I wish they would have made that smaller or given you the option to turn it off. I feel like a great looking game is being covered up by your typical 2K Sports scoreboard nastiness. NBA 2K7 was just as bad. Make it smaller or give me the option to make it go away.
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Sure, I'll send an invite and we can hopefully connect to try out the in game voice. I have to warn you though that I'm pretty bad at the game still!

PSN brakel

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after a few games I grew tired of the cut-away scenes.
You can turn them off in the options;
I believe it's under presentation and field pass

Originally Posted by uqmoore View Post

+ I like how the QB moves, seemingly realistically
+ I like the overall speed of the game
+ I like being able to pick Randall Cunningham with a Silver pick.
+ The graphics arent great but I think that's because there's a lot of detail in how the players interact with each other.

- Not knowing most of the players on my team, especially when your star WRs are covered and Mr. Anonymous is wide open.
- The control pad defaulting to doing laterals.
- Sometimes the cut away scenes last too long and you can't by pass them
- Not in love with the kicking system
- I wished I could pick some of the non-star players

As other have said, the game play is pretty good. It's also fun to see Reggie White and Jerome Brown line up next to each other. I'll prolly like the game more after I read the manual.

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