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05-19-2009 | Posts: 4
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I couldn't decide if I should post this here or in the HTPC area so I hope this is OK.

I was looking for some suggestions on HDTV's that are good for gaming. I currently have a Wii but more importantly, I plan to have this new TV be the main computer monitor for a new computer I plan to build as well. I'll also have blue ray and HD cable too of course.

My concerns/criteria are as follows:

1. Not spending over $1500 and I want a 46 inch.

2. I don't know if plasma or LCD is better for gaming when it comes to TV longevity, refresh rate, etc. I've heard mixed thoughts on this. My initial decision was to go with LCD since that's what my current computer monitors are, but lately some have been saying that plasma has gotten way better for this type of stuff. No LED for me, just to expensive right now.

3. I know I need 1080p for good enough resolution and that's what I wanted anyway.

4. Are there any other issues or concerns I should have with PC gaming and PC use on an HDTV? Image burning, refresh rate, etc?

My initial decision was to go for the Toshiba REGZA 46XV545U with SRT technology and a 120hz refresh rate, but just before pulling the purchase trigger I started to question myself. Any insight on this model for gaming with consoles and PCs?


I trust the knowledge of this forum so I thought I'd throw out this post before I make any purchases. What's your personal gaming experience with HDTVs or your thoughts about it? Am I overlooking any important things I should know about this concept?

Thanks in advance!
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05-19-2009 | Posts: 683
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You can get the "next generation" Toshiba (47zv650) for $1,553 (includes shipping) from one of this forum's "sponsors". And you may also note that it's got 240Hz backlit (i.e. LED) for that price too.

To get more responses, you may want to get one of the mods here to move this thread to the LCD forum...
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