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raven1462's Avatar raven1462 08:30 AM 10-07-2009
So here is my issue. I have a decent gaming laptop, the Gateway FX P-7805u with an Nvidia 9800. I also have a Samsung plasma (PN58B860) with a Denon receiver in between. So I have hooked up my laptop to my tv over HDMI and so far, no problem. I can see my desktop fine, hear sound, surf the web and everything looks great. However, when I go to start up one of my pc games (with the intent of using my tv as a bigger screen), basically the computer goes crazy (i know, not really technically accurate) but basically freezes and starts blinking on and off to a black screen. Not really even sure where to start, I have changed the resolution on my computer with no improvement. Any suggestions or help would be great. Thanks.

oktoberrust11's Avatar oktoberrust11 12:39 PM 10-08-2009
I'm assuming the resolution that the game is set to play at is not supported by your display. Start the game without being hooked up to the plasma, change the resolution to perhaps the same resolution as your desktop, restart, and see if it shows up properly on your plasma.
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