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Hi everyone,

Hope someone might be able to help me out here. I just got FiOS installed in my house, and my basement has one of their standard Motorola QIP 2500-3 boxes. The basement is where I have my entertainment center with all of my video game systems, which includes old Atari's, Intellivision, NES, SuperNES, up to Xbox360.

Previously, I had a plain DirecTV box in my setup, which worked perfectly. This DirecTV box had 2 coax inputs labeled: "Satellite In" and "TV ANT/Cable In Not Satellite", plus your coax output "Out To TV".

The setup worked great with my 32" CRT TV, VCR, and Surround Sound system. I could play any video game system, and it'd work fine thru the surround sound (yeah, I know...nothing like Space Invaders on surround sound).

The way I had it setup was as follows:

Sat in from wall into the "Satellite In" on the DirecTV (DTV) box. Then a separate coax going into the "TV ANT/Cable In Not Satellite" input on the DTV box. Then a coax coming out of the "Out To TV" output going into the "ANT IN" input on the VCR. Then a coax coming out of the "OUT TO TV" on the VCR which would then go into the coax on the TV.

I also had the various RCA cables hooked up to the VCR and going into the surround sound system. The Xbox360 was also connected to the back of the VCR's RCA's.

By having this extra "TV ANT/Cable In Not Satellite" input on the DTV box, it allowed me to run this coax wire into my ent center. From there, whichever video game system I wanted to play, I'd just have to hook up to this "loose" coax in my ent center, and voila. Same for the older video game systems because I had one of those adapters which allows me to plug the old systems into the coax without needing one of those old videogame/tv switch boxes.

However now that I have this FiOS box, there's only 1 coax input on the back, and 1 coax output. So now, I have the coax coming from the wall, going into the "Ant In" on the FiOS box, then a coax coming out of it, going to the input on the VCR, then coming out of the VCR going into the TV. Fine, but now what do I do with my video games?

I know the old Nintendo systems came with that gray adapter box where you'd run the coax into it, then run another coax out of it which would then go to the TV. This will work out fine for my NES, SuperNES and those types of systems, but not the older ones.

I've tried using a 2-1 splitter, but that just degrades the existing tv signal when I hook up another coax to it. The FiOS guy brought over an RCA RF modulator (model CRF 907) which has RCA connectors on one side, an a/c plug connector, then 2 coax connectors (an IN and an OUT). I tried using that by hooking the RCA's up to my TV and the RF modulator, then hooking the coax going into the TV into the IN on the RF modulator, but then I don't think hooking my video game coax into the OUT on the RF modulator would do much. And it didn't.

I'm sure there has to be a way to have a similar setup to what I had before, but I can't quite figure it out.

Basically, the old DTV box allowed 2 coax inputs. From there, the DTV box allowed both inputs (not playing at the same time) to come out of 1 "Out To TV" outputs from the box into the TV.

Would hooking up my old DTV box help to act as the "switcher"? I'm thinking I could hook up my "video game" coax to 1 input, the TV signal coax from the wall to the other coax input, then one coax going out of the DTV box into the IN on the FiOS box, then one coax going out of the FiOS box to the TV.

Any ideas? Suggestions?

Thanks a bunch everyone for reading and for any assistance.

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First, you should really join all of us in the 21st century. VCR, CRT, really?

All kidding aside, the only thing I can think of is hooking the VCR up to the TV with a different video cable like S-Video, and that could handle all of the Fios/VCR stuff. Then use the RF on the TV input for your game systems. Basically the Fios box to VCR would be the only RF cable. Depending on how old your TV is, this may not be an option.

The things that used to be available will be much harder to find now. Something like this would also work. I don't know if you would find a manual switch in a store anymore.

I still have a bunch of the old systems in storage. It is a nightmare trying to hook them up to all of the new stuff. Hopefully that helps.

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Your TV only has RF inputs? You can get a CRT-based HDTV for $150 on Craigslist, why not try that? All your old game systems will still look great and you'll be able to play the newer ones in a much better resolution.

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