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rmd68's Avatar rmd68 03:03 PM 07-28-2012
I mostly play FPS on XBL, and I want to know what has the most effect on my online gaming experience. I have a decent download, which is 25MB/s, but I have a low upload speed, which is 1.5MB/s.

Does upload speed have an effect on gaming, or is it download speed that should be the main concern.

I have Optimum Online.


Brad Horstkotte's Avatar Brad Horstkotte 03:10 PM 07-28-2012
Asymmetric speeds (faster download than upload) are pretty common, and work fine. The most important factor for online gaming is really latency - not an advertised speed by an ISP, but might be able to get anecdotal info from other users on that ISP.
darklordjames's Avatar darklordjames 09:20 PM 07-28-2012
Depends on if you are the server for your 360 game. A low upload means that you are going to provide a crappy experience to clients connecting to you. 1.5mbps should be fine for 16 players though, which is a big reason as to why you see 360/PS3 games cap out at 16 players as a standard. Really though, the game should pick the person out of your party that has the >5mbps, lowest average latency connection to be your server. In theory at least.
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