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Sgt Smitty's Avatar Sgt Smitty 05:41 PM 12-16-2006
I have an Xbox 360 in my entertainment center, and as everyone knows, they get VERY hot. Well since mine is enclosed, it gets even hotter. I don't know what temp. it should be in there, but last night, after only 30 mins of the system being on, not playing, just being on downloading from live, it was 97 degrees. I have already had to send my first system in to be repaired(unknown causes), and I would really hate to have to send this one in too. I have been looking at getting a few(possibly 2-3) pc case fans and install them in the back of the entertainment center blowing the hot air out the back. I know they make small fans like that with wall plugs on them, but the PC case fans are cooler because you can get them with the LED lights and all.
Anyway, here is my question: If I get PC case fans, and put them where they are blowing out the back of my entertainment center, the front of the fan will be facing out the back, and the back of the fan will be showing. Which means, you won't get the full effect of the LED lights, and you will see the wiring from the back of it. Is there any way that I can put the fans facing forwards, but have it turn the opposite direction so it will still blow air out?? Thank you for any help.
And now my rant is over. :D

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