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spoll's Avatar spoll 11:09 AM 12-24-2006
or receiver via s-video cable?

I searched and searched the forums and cannot find an answer so asking here is my last resort to what should be a seemingly simple question, so can anyone please point me to a resource that would take me through the connection process?

I really appreciate it!

simontoyou's Avatar simontoyou 09:48 PM 12-25-2006
Wait, PS2 to your projector?

Will that help?
BMaugans's Avatar BMaugans 09:48 AM 12-26-2006
The receiver should have an s-video output that you can run to the projector (if it doesn't do any type of video upconversion). Plug the A/V cable from the PS2 to the receiver, switch to the correct input and you're gaming away.
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