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So, I won some money recently and I'm thinking of getting a 360. I'm just confused about some of the accessories and options available through an Xbox. And, some of the stories I've read about the 360 are a little concerning. I'm new to online gaming and have several questions about the nature of the 360 and Xbox live.

I also just bought a Panasonic Plasma TH-42PZ77u that plays 1080p and an Yamaha audio receiver that passes video and audio through HDMI. The receiver does not accept audio through HDMI. I have to connect audio through 5.1 channel analog jacks, digitial optical input, or digital coaxial input.

Based on that equipment, I have a few questions:

1) Does the 360 have a way to connect video to the TV through HDMI but audio to the receiver via digital optical cable?

2) If not, then do the Xbox 360 component cables have a jack to plug a digital optical cable to the receiver like the original Xbox had?

3) Is there much difference in video quality between component cables and HDMI?

4) Besides the 120gb hard drive, what is the difference between the Pro and Elite versions?

5) Is the Elite version a good deal for what it comes with? How

6) Can the Pro version have an HDMI interface? If not, which 360 have HDMI interface?

7) Which ones come with an HDMI cable? Does the 360 use 1.3 HDMI cables? If not, then when?

8) Can the Xbox use any HDMI cable or is it a special propietary cable that plugs onlyinto the Xbox?

9) Why would I need 120gb of storage space on an Xbox? What purpose would it serve?

10) Do the new Xbox systems still have the "ring of death" or any other issues I should be made aware of? Please list them?

11) What is the difference between the 360 pro and the Halo limited edition version?

12) Can you plug in an Ipod to get music off of the 360?

13) Can I transfer movies or music purchased through the marketplace from the 360 to any external harddrive?

13) Do I need a cooling fan for one of the new 360s?

14) How much do xbox marketplace points cost? What do things cost in the marketplace?

15) How much free time on Xbox live do you get when purchasing a new 360 system?

16) How much does membership on xbox live cost?

17) What's the difference between Silver and Gold membership?

18) What's the best and cheapest way to buying a Gold membership? I've seen those Gold membership packs at the stores offering 12 months of service. Is that cheaper than buying a Gold membership over Xbox live?

19) Is it cheaper to buy one of the 12 month membership packs than one of the 3 month live cards I've seen at Target?

20) What is the benefit to buying one of those 12 month Gold memberships in the store than buying it online?

21) Do you need a Gold membership to play friends online on some of those multiplayer games?

22) What other equipment or accessories would you recommend when getting a 360?

23) Does the 360 have a loud drive when playing games?

24) Does the 360 play 1080p? If not, is Microsoft planning on realeasing a 360 that plays 1080p?

25) Can the 360 rest flat like the original Xbox? Is that a problem? I have a nice equipment cabinet and a standing 360 would not work.

26) I read a few days ago about Xbox live issues that closed it down. There was something about it not being able to handle all of the new traffic over the holidays. Is that still an issue?

27) Are there any new Xbox system being released or upgrades planned for the near future? If so, what are they and when? Why should I get one now rather than later?

28) Can the 360 play HDDVDs out of the box or do you need another piece of equipment to do that?

28) Lastly, why should I get a 360 instead of a PS3? If you think I should get a PS3, let me know why. Does the PS3 play Blu-ray out of the box or do you need to purchase something else?

Thanks for answering a newbie's questions.

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Wow. That's a lot of questions.

First and foremost, I strongly advise you to go to the source and do your research on Microsoft's Xbox 360 site which would answer a large number of those questions:

Xbox 360 Comparison
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That is a long list of questions. I'm a total newbie to all this too. I got a Wii about 8 months ago and absolutely loved playing with my friends. They got me guitar hero 3 for my birthday, and it was love at first sight. I then became obsessed with getting Rock Band, but it's not announced for the Wii. So, I began looking at the 360 vs. PS3. I have HDDVD already, so PS3 would be natural for me so I could get a BD player. But, I ended up buying an Xbox 360. I got the Elite. It's black; it has 120GB of memory and HDMI cable comes with it. I wasn't sure how much XBox Live I would use, but I like it alot. I got the wireless adapter (another $99, but what the hell) and have downloaded extra songs for Rock Band. While I don't think I'll be gaming on Live much, the movie rental aspect is very exciting. They have HD movies and SD movies to rent online. I haven't done it yet, but I'm pretty sure I'll like it better than getting scratched up disks from Netflix. I bought my Microsoft points (that you use to buy stuff online) at Walmart; 80 points was about $1. You can buy points with a CC on Live too, but I was a little leary of doing that. I'm really enjoying the xbox experience so far; I'm certainly not a hard core gamer, but as the market has expanded I think there's a lot more to offer people like me.

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The answers to all those questions are either at or in the Xbox forum here on AVS. I suggest taking just a few key questions at a time... too many are overwhelming and people who would want to help might be scared away at the time involved in answering all of them.

Good luck!

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I'll take a stab at it.

1. Yes. If you buy the Elite, it'll come w/ an adapter that allows you to pass audio thru Optical and Video thru HDMI. If you just get the Premium, you'll need to buy the adapter for about $45

2. Yes

3. Not that I know of but HDMI allows 1080p

4. Elite is black, comes w/ HDMI cable and Audio option adapter

5. Elite is a good deal if you require the extra space. 120 gigs are usually for those who download and collect alot of shows/movies/demos/music/etc off Xbox live Marketplace. If not, 20 gigs is sufficient for the occasional demos and rental movies.

6. Pro and Arcade both come w/ HDMI option.

7. Elite comes w/ HDMI cable and their 1.2. No plans for 1.3 yet.

8. Any HDMI cables will do. Not the same for component though.

9. Look at #5

10. No one really knows for sure about the RRoD but the newer Falcon chip systems supposely have less of a chance for RRoD. Reguardless, Microsoft will repair it for you free of charge for up to 3 years if you ever encounter the RRoD.

11. Halo edition comes in the ugly green, $50 more, and doesn't come w/ Forza2/Marvel UA.

12. Yes but you can't transfer the music.

13. No cooling fans

14. You can purchase points by point cards or thru XBL marketplace. They are $20 for 1600 points. Arcade games are 400/800 points ($5,$10). Movies and shows are anywhere from 160 for standard definition and up to 480 for high definition.

15. You get 1 month of Gold for free. Then its $50 a year. Silver is free.

16. $50

17. Gold lets you play online with other people and you get some demos earlier.

18. Cheapest to buy XBL is thru Amazon right now of if you haven't used your google checkout.

19. Like everything in this world, its always a better deal if you buy more.

20. You get it sooner.

21. Yes.

22. Rechargeable battery packs, Remote, possibly the HD DVD addon if the price drops, and whatever game peripherals you'll like.

23. The new xboxes have quieter drives.

24. Yes it plays 1080p

25. You can rest it flat or stand it up, just don't move it when the drive is spinning .

26. Xbox live is up and running, the problems should be fixed, you can always check the status at

27. Nothing new planned. Get it now.

28. You need to purchase a HD DVD addon to play HD DVDs.

29. Simply put, if you wanna play the best games get a Xbox 360. But if you want an all in one media box, get a PS3.

Hope that helps, if you need more info, everything you need is right in that search bar and at
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