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TCR79's Avatar TCR79 09:28 PM 01-20-2008
Hi guys,

I'm currently trying to pinpoint what I believe is a very small amount of lag when playing PS3 games online through my projector. I'm considering an upgrade of my current pj (hence my other post) but the other avenue I'm pursuing is my internet connection.

At present I have a 1500kb download and 256 kb upload ADSL connection which gives me an actual 1320/212kb/s connection according to Speedtest.net

I understand the upload is the most important part of the connection for gaming online and I am looking to get an ADSL2 connection that would thoretically give me an upload speed of approx 460kb/s.

Some people have said this will make a difference whilst others have said I won't notice it. I just wanted to hear from others that have more knowledge or experience than I in this area. Will it make a difference?

Cheers, Paul.
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kylebisme's Avatar kylebisme 01:10 PM 01-21-2008
Your small upload bandwith keeps you from being able to host games with more than a few players without excesive lag, but I doubt it is limiting you from playing any game as a client connected to a host. As client you basicly only send your inputs to the server, and your voice as well if you use a mic, which combined likely doesn't even approach 200 kbps. If you want to see for yourself, you can wire your PS3 to share an internet connection though your PC and monitor your bandwidth useage with a program like this one:

TCR79's Avatar TCR79 02:41 PM 01-21-2008
Thanks for the link. It'll be good to actually see some results on my particular setup rather than relying on other peoples advice which might be based a completely different setup.

ShagnWagn's Avatar ShagnWagn 10:52 PM 01-21-2008
A big misconception that broadband companies have made from screwy marketing is making gamers believe they need a huge pipe for the best gaming. What you really want is low latency. A typical game on a 10 player server generally consumes 5-10kbps. You should be able to confirm this with your tests.
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