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I need a few opinions. My mom has Wii Fit Plus and enjoys using it several times a week. She doesn't have time to get to a gym like she used to so this game sort of takes the place. She would like a few other fitness games for Christmas, but I'm not sure what to get based on the amount I can afford to spend. I made a list of the top games I think she'd like, but I can't get them all. I'd like opinions as to which ones are the best to get.

Gold's Gym: Cardio Workout - $16
EA Sports Active - $53
EA Sports Active 2 - $70-$80

Just Dance - $40
Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) - $60-$70

I can only afford to spend $100. I'd like to get her at least three games, but will settle for two if that's what's best. I'd like to get her at least one fitness game and one dance game. The EA Sports Active 2 looks like the best fitness game and I think DDR would be more fun and active than Just Dance. But those choices are gonna put me way over. I could get the first EA Sports Active and DDR, but I think having the wireless sensors in EA Sports Active 2 would be a lot less aggravating. So I have a dilemna. Any opinions?
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I've got:

Gold's Gym: Cardio
EA Sports Active
EA Sports Active 2

My wife and I used EA Sports Active religiously when I first got it and we liked the results, but we were never motivated enough to go through another 30 day challenge with it. The work-outs were not that hard to do, but there was a good variety of exercises.

When Sports Active 2 showed up, I bought it hoping that I would get motivated enough to do another 30 day challenge and started doing it, but my interest fell off about half way through. The work-out was fine, but I found myself preferring going to the gym, power walking, hiking, or playing tennis instead.

Using the leg band and holding the Wii remote while using the conditioning/strengthening bands were somewhat cumbersome doing some exercises.

Surprisingly, Gold's Gym made me huff, puff, and sweat the most and I really enjoyed using it each day. Be warned that the program is based primarily on boxing moves, punching an imaginary bag, and moving your feet. (I believe I read somewhere that the game was originally a boxing game in Japan and that it was ported over to the USA with the Gold's Gym name put on it.) For $16 it's well worth the money (it cost twice that when it first came out on the market), just be aware that you will be doing boxing exercises.
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If your mom likes to dance, then the answer is simple. Just Dance will give a great cardio workout. If she doesn't like to dance, then it's a waste of $$.

I have Gold's Gym: Cardio. It's interface is sometimes clumsy and it's not too enjoyable IMO. It will give you a good workout, but you have to be amenable to its approach, which I found both abrupt and aggressive for my nearly 60-year-old-body and attitude.

The Sports Active stuff is pretty good, but I agree that the 30 day challenges are a bit too lengthy to provide sufficient motivation and the bands are just clumsy.

For me, the Just Dance has the most replay value of the choices you mention, though I still find the Wii Fit Plus to have the most replay value and the highest motivation for me. 103 weeks without missing a day and counting...

What I can afford, when I can afford it...
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I've used Wii Fit (not Plus), and all iterations of EA Sports (original, More Workouts, and 2). I found Wii Fit to be a waste of time, and stopped using it after a few days. EA Sports I've been using for about a year and a half, and have been very happy with. Tried More Workouts for about 3 weeks, then went back to Active 1, as I found it took more time to give me less of a workout, and it required more space than I have in my apartment. Just started Active 2, but it seems to have the same problems.

I really like how Active gives you a different exercise routine every day, switching things up and working on different areas; keeps boredom from setting in. Whether you stick with it is up to you, but if you do it's a very effective general-purpose exercise regimen.
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Anybody rocking that Zumba game? I ask b/c I picked up a copy for the wife - not sure what I bought though. As far as it being a POS or not. Amazon reviews are fairly spread.
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Hey peeps, I am Daphney from Chicago. I've been very active as a teenager, sort of got off that in last 15 years. It's time to get back.
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sports active 2 was annoying as they had some workouts that didnt require you to use the wii remote but when you put it down for a bit the controller will turn off and the game will pause and a prompt pop up.....huge annoyance, got rid of it and got kinect with your shape, no need for any type of remotes...
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