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DaverJ's Avatar DaverJ 08:58 AM 07-14-2011
Yeah, but Netflix is wifi streaming... not so good for traveling.
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jhoff80's Avatar jhoff80 11:53 AM 07-14-2011
Yeah they really need to get some deals in place for 3D movies on this, but it wouldn't make too much of an impact unless they could be downloaded to the SD slot and not need to stream.
DaverJ's Avatar DaverJ 07:31 AM 07-21-2011
number1laing's Avatar number1laing 09:30 AM 07-25-2011
Grabbed SSF4 yesterday and I am pretty impressed. I was able to do a lot of the moves and combos I normally do on the PS3/360 (with an arcade stick), in pro mode.

The graphics are also extremely good. Considering how much I love the SF4 games, I don't know why it took me as long as it did to get it.
mpalmieri1203's Avatar mpalmieri1203 12:00 PM 07-27-2011
Just a heads up to everyone thinking about the pacman/galga game coming out. Pacman tilt and pacman ce are NOT in 3D at all. Also. The CE Pacman is nothing like the 360 Arcade version. I feel so had on this game I really wish I could return it.
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