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scyfur's Avatar scyfur 08:01 PM 12-07-2011
Hello all,

I know very little about TVs and video display technology so apologies in advance if I don't understand any concepts brought up relative to the problem I'm having. Also, if this thread is in the wrong section, sorry about that as well.

I play a lot of older console games, primarily games for NES and SNES. However, I also sometimes play on GC (using the GB Player to play Game Boy games) and Wii (using Wii emulators to play NES/SNES games with save states on console, etc.) I speedrun games, so it is critical that the TV I practice and play on is completely lag-free.

Recently, I procured a Samsung TX-P1430, a CRT SDTV that displays in 480i [ - apparently new members can't post URLS with the www]. I thought that a CRT set would guarantee that there would be no input lag for any of the consoles I play on, including the newer ones. However, I've found that both the GC and Wii have about 3 frames of lag on the TV, whereas NES, SNES, and N64 all feature 0 lag. I have tested playing Super Mario RPG on a SNES console, and felt no lag when jumping repeatedly in place - whereas when I play Super Mario RPG through the Wii snes9x GX emulator, there is an easily noticeable difference in input lag, such that pressing the jump button a few frames before Mario lands on the ground allows him to jump again, etc. I feel similar amounts of lag for actual Wii games, actual GC games, and GB games played through the GB player. For both the Wii and GC I'm using composite input, not component, and the Wii is set to 480i output and 4:3 display.

If there is anything I could do about the GC/Wii lag on this TV that would be awesome, but I have a feeling that this isn't the case. What kind of TV should I look for that should have no lag for ANY Nintendo console? An old rounded-screen CRT set? Lag-free play is my primary concern - picture quality, screen size, etc. are of secondary importance.

Thanks for any help.

scyfur's Avatar scyfur 04:14 AM 12-09-2011
no one has any ideas?

perhaps I can't do anything about this Samsung TV but it'd be extremely helpful to know more information about CRT TVs/input lag/Wii&GC vs. older console games, etc.
The Captain Ahab's Avatar The Captain Ahab 08:39 AM 12-09-2011
Hello, instead of starting a new thread this one caught my eye and I would like to say I am in search of the same thing so I registered an account to reply here to get recommendations of a CRT with no lag whatsoever. I play games for my Nintendo Wii which would benefit from zero lag - rhythm & dance for one. Thanks in need,

Ahab out.
Leo_Ames's Avatar Leo_Ames 02:27 PM 12-09-2011
A slight bit of input lag makes sense on a SuperNes emulator. But I'm clueless on why it would be happening with actual GCN and Wii games.

What sort of GCN controller are you using? A wireless WaveBird? If so, I'd like to see what a wired GCN pad does for your test. Maybe the slight bit of input lag you're noticing is a byproduct of the wireless Wiimote and WaveBird and you're just more sensitive to it than most (Or they're noticing it but are writing it off as a byproduct of playing on a HDTV)?

I can't say as I ever have, though, and I play GCN and Wii games on a nice Sony Trinitron.
scyfur's Avatar scyfur 01:50 AM 12-11-2011
Actually, regular GC & Wii games probably aren't lagging on the TV - I played around in Super Monkey Ball and Mario Kart Wii for a little while and they didn't feel sluggish after all. It's harder to measure without a comparison available that I can be certain isn't affected by lag, but I think regular GC & Wii is fine.

I did some research into the Wii GX emulators. There are conflicting reports about whether the emulator itself introduces lag, but someone did a detailed test comparison between Super Mario World on a SNES, through Virtual Console, and through a few different settings of snes9x GX. - these were the findings. So you're likely right that Wii emulators are introducing lag on their own (a bummer for my hopes to practice using those emulators...). I tested Super Mario 64 Virtual Console earlier as well and compared it to how it felt on N64, and I could not perceive a difference.

I'm still concerned about GB Player, though. Most of the testimonials I've read regarding it say that it doesn't lag with the correct setup/TV. Comparing to a GBA SP, though, there is definitely noticeable lag on this Samsung. Recording GB games is what I'm primarily interested in regarding the GC, so this TV doesn't seem to work after all.

By the way, I am indeed using a Wavebird, but I've never noticed any lag ever while using one so I don't think it would be the cause of the problem. I also tested the same things with a SNES -> GC Retroport, which I've not seen anyone say lags, and there was no change in results, so I don't think controllers is the issue.

Anyway, it turns out the TV has some sort of sound issue as well, so I'm going to get rid of it anyway. Does a TV like, say, this one - - look like it will have no problems with lag? I have a feeling now that flatscreen sets are probably less reliable that roundscreen ones... However, like Ahab said, if anyone has any recommendations for a CRT set or type of set that should absolutely not have any kind of lag, I would very much appreciate it!
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